Friday, January 20, 2012

[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] Park Shin Hye is a "White Goddess" at the 21st Seoul Music Awards

Park Shin Hye attended the annual Seoul Music Awards on Thursday January 19, 2012 looking absolutely stunning in a white dress and gladiator inspired heels. The award ceremony was held at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium. Shin Hye was invited to the award show as a presenter.

Throughout the show, there were many awards and performances by various personalities in the Korean music industries. When Shin Hye was presenting the award, she was asked which group she liked. Smiling happily she said it was FT Island and CNBlue thus showing further her friendship with her former co-stars.

After the award show, Shin Hye tweeted to her fans and wrote on her Japanese blog asking if they had watched the show.


It's great that (the awards ceremony venue) is so near home keukeu~Only took 5 min to go home~ Today my waiting room was~ MY ROOM!!! Ohaha~ Bongji ah~Nori ah~ Your unni went to an awards ceremony today~~~{}#%~*[={+}~_|£<¥>+]*}*#+]+

RT 집이가까우니 역시 좋구나 쿠쿠~5분만에 집에왔어요~오늘 나의 대기실은 바로바로~내 방!!!으캬캬컁~봉지야~노리야~언니가 오늘 시상식을 다녀왔는데에에에~~~{}#%~*[={+}~_|£<¥>+]*}*#+]+

Japanese blog: 

‎[1/19] Good evening!! 
Long time no see (*^o^*) 
How are you all doing? 
I'm doing fine‼ 
Today, I attended the Seoul Music Awards as an awards presenter!!! 
I really enjoyed myself !!
Did you watch me?

私は 元気です‼
私は 今日、ソウル歌謡大賞授賞式に行って来ました!!!

As busy as she is preparing for her fanmeeting in Japan next month, it was wonderful to see her looking so radiantly beautiful, a "White Goddess," as she walked down the red carpet and on the stage. Please give her lots of support next month!

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  1. i wish i can make her fan meeting but she is just so elegantly beautiful we pray for more and more success to you our princess

  2. She looked BEAUTIFUL. and I'm so glad she wore what she wore. I saw all the other female celebrities and what they were wearing and my first thought was "AREN'T YOU COLD?!!" It was like 30 degrees outside last night in Seoul, and people are wearing a long tank top.....

    Comfortable, warm, and still looking beautiful.

    You go girl.

  3. Hongki <3 SHinhye!!! i hope they make a drama together as the main leads ^^

  4. She looks absolutely beautiful ^-^ Never really followed any idol till I've seen her ._.

    1. same here...:)

    2. same here too

    3. she looked very beautiful!!!! I really admire her, she's the best and my favourite actress!! ^^ She's a lovely person!

  5. White is her color.))) I really like it.
    She looks bright.
    But ... the dress is very widespread in the waist.
    This minus sign
    But still ... She was beautiful.

    1. the designer seem to want her expose , outfit so loose and seem like not wearing anything inside but she still look like an angel to me

  6. White looks good on her. remember melon awards dress. She looked so good there. Its the shape of the dress which spoils it. Only she could carry this dress and look good.

  7. Her personality and grace overshadows anything else. All colors suit her. I really admire her loyalty. FT island and Cn blue are very good bands. I also like their music

  8. i really like her... she is one of a kind... she love & care for her friends soo much !!1 LOVE THE ANJELLL friendship..:)

  9. I totally agree .....she is unique. Her warm, gentle, caring, smiling, behaviour and her mannerisms make her stand out among everyone. Thats why she is beautiful in a distinctive way.

  10. loves her acting in you're beautiful... :) i love you park shin hye!

  11. 역시님!너무너무예쁘다!! 난 신혜언니 오전 원하는... :'(

  12. we like park shin hye...beautiful and lovely
    ....we love you ,and im your number 1 crush..

  13. what is her blog and twitter account ? i want follow her

  14. She definitely has not come out from a "vending machine" with her unique array of expressions and talents. Wish she would work more on her all her songs....sweetest and most melodius of voices

  15. very Beautiful and amazing woman of all time....

    im ur no.1 fan in a billion ppol...


  16. wow your so beautiful in all of your dresses
    you're #1 of my favorite Korean actress...
    gee i can't stop myself from looking at your photos ...
    you're so amazing!!!
    god bless and more power!!

  17. You're so cute and beautiful ..... luv u !!!