Monday, February 27, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye First Solo Fan Meeting a Great Success

Park Shin Hye held a fan meeting, "City of Angel, Angel's Birth" at Zepp Tokyo in Odaiba at 7:00pm on February 24.

There was a diverse of people attending the fan meeting from those in their 40s and 50s to teenage boys and girls. One session of the event was the Ideal World cup that had candidates Shin Hye had co-starred before such as Jung Yong Hwa, Uhm Tae Woong, Ju Sang Wook, Jang Keun Suk, and Lee Hong Ki. These candidates gained the cheers of the fans. While doing this, fans shouted the name of each star they like. Park Shin Hye said fans selected the ideal type for her, not her. 

In addition, fans had surprised Shin Hye with a birthday party, of cakes and birthday wishes. The excitement of the fan meeting continued with Shin Hye singing and playing a guitar for the fans. Her dance performance from Beyonce's song, "Why Don't You Love Me," captured the hearts of the male fans in attendance. 

Representatives for Shin Hye said they were surprised to see so many fans from different age groups from middle age to a child. They were surprised with all the enthusiasm and cheers from the fans and the number of different countries in attendance other than Japan. 

Shin Hye said she will strive to become better in the future.

source: KSTAR NEWS

Saturday, February 25, 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT] City of Ssnizel, Angel's Birth-Shin Hye Fanmeeting

This morning, I woke up around 10am, got ready, met some friends along the way to Odaiba, ate lunch and then finally made it to ZEPP at around 3 pm. I had with me a very heavy bag full of gifts. And thank god the staff took it. It was very very heavy. Hehehehe. So after finding out that Shin Hye had already arrived, I stood in line to buy some official goods, met some other friends, waited. When the doors were finally open to buy gifts, the line was a bit slow but that allowed me to meet up with some other friends. After getting my goods, I waited with some friends for the doors to finally be opened. It was so much fun just chatting around and talking to people with a common interest-our great love for Shin Hye.

The staff took a picture of us and of course I whipped out our beautiful lightsign (represent!) lol. Soon it was almost time and we started queuing up. The doors opened and we went inside. Earlier they gave us some brochure on Food for the Hungry International but for the Japan branch. With it, they included an envelop for donation. Many fans donated after the show to the NGO.

My friends got me really good seats aka front row center and I mean CENTER. It was great. We got really great seats this time. So the room filled up and our lightsign was turned on. We waited patiently until everyone was in. The lights went down and a familiar song started playing. Nostalgic found me in full capacity-it was "LOVELY DAY." Shin Hye came out and omg!!!! She was soooo PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a girl but I swear I was in love with her! She was so beautiful!!! She had on a black dress that has white on the sides and cinched in the middle. Her hair was straight and she adorned it with a big flower made with guazy material. I was spazzing. She was so pretty!!! So so so pretty!!! And she sang the song so well. It brought me back to "You're Beautiful" days and I missed it. It was so much fun listening to her sing a well loved song. The audience was singing along with her.

When the song ended, Shin Hye greeted us and we screamed. She introduced the MC. After that, they had a Q&A session. Sorry my Japanese sucks so we'll have to wait on this. Then we watched clips of all the dramas Shin Hye was in-minus Tree of Heaven (I don't know why they didn't put that in). They commented on it as we watched. Shin Hye's first kiss was with SEVEN in Goong S. And since then she's been kissed in almost all the dramas she was in. Hehehehe. And everyone was ohhh-ing when there was a kiss. It was funny. I swear the atmosphere was great. We were laughing and so happy.

Then after that, they wheeled in a birthday cake!!!! We sang Happy Birthday to her and my voice sucked. There was one candle on the cake to signify her opening of the Japan fanclub. It was a fake one but one which you can blow and the light will go out and so she did. She thanked her fans. After that, they gave her the album of all our birthday cards and guess what? HAHAHA. My birthday card was among the ones on the front loll *dies*

She read some of the messages from the cards. It was very sweet. Then we listened to some messages from Jang Keun Suk, Um Tae Won, Jung Yong Hwa, and FTIsland. It was really sweet of them. After listening to the messages, Shin Hye played the ideal world cup game. I remember Joon Hoon from her Clrde CF was in there along with Lee Min Ho, Jang Keun Suk, Hongki, Yonghwa, Um Tae Won, Won Bin, Hyun Bin, Leeteuk, Taeyeon, and some others. It was funny cause the audience was choosing for her too. But she was very definite in her of Won Bin. hehehehe. Hongki and Yonghwa went up against each other and sadly Yonghwa lost. Then Hongki went up again Won Bin and Shin Hye said sorry Hongki and picked Won Bin. hehehe. Then it came down to Jang Keun Suk and Won Bin. Jang Keun Suk won.

Soon after that, she sang her song for us. It was so beautiful! It was cute when she messed up. She was really amazing!! Soo good. I was really amazed at her talent. She sang the song so beautifully too. It was very profound and came from deep within. I was really touched.

Then we watched clips of her and one of them was of her practicing her dance for the music awards several months back where she cohosted with Taecyeon and the boy from Beast. That was the intro to her dance. OMG when she came out, she was sooo hot. HOT. hahahaha. She had a black jacket on with black shorts and boots and black sheer leggings. She looked AMAZING!!!!! The song began and she started dancing. I was blown away by how good she was at dancing. Her body was so fluid. It was wow. Just wow. She was absolutely amazing!!! And so sexy. WOW!

After her dance routine, she came back out and they had a little raffle drawing. There were five winners and each of them got a pair of glasses from the same people who did the glasses for "You're Beautiful." Of those winners, one of them was a foreign guy.

Then after that, they talked a little bit more and then Shin Hye sang a Japanese song, "Sakurambo." She was uber cute! She was running back and forth along the stage. She was full of energy. It was really fun. I didn't know so I kinda dance along and watched her. She was so cute. Love this girl.

When that was over, she said good bye and went back stage. That was the end of the show. For the people who came to the fanmeeting and were members of her Japan fanclub, they got to high five her. So we lined up and waited. Shin Hye was in the hall waiting to high five us. It was so awesome. She was sooo cute. When it was my turn I high five her well more like high five-ing numerous times in the time allotted.

As I was walking out, I saw Shin Hye's parents. Her dad is really tall so that's where she got her height from.  

As a gift, I gave Shin Hye our lightsign. She was very happy to receive it. Our light sign was amazing. LOL. It got some screen time. hehehe. Shin Hye definitely saw it, that's for sure. 

I'm so glad I was able to see her because I don't know when I will see her again. I'm still holding out that there will be a "Heartstrings" fanmeeting here in Japan. It would be super to see her once again.

credits: Fuji TV, @eiji_muneda, @cezzmkog

Thursday, February 23, 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT] Park Shin Hye Arrives at Haneda for Fan Meeting

Park Shin Hye arrives this morning at Haneda airport for her "Angel's Birth" fan meeting with Japanese fans on Friday, February 24, 2012, at the Zepp Tokyo Center.

Before arriving, Shin Hye tweeted some photos of her at Gimpo airport. She wore a white dress topped with a black leather jacket, outlined by white fur. She finished the outfit off with some black booties and sunglasses. 

일본에 계시는 여러분을 만나러 갑니다아아~~~ 두근두근 설레이네요..^^
Meeting everyone from Japan ahhh~~ excited excited it's exciting..^^

When she was at Gimpo, she saw a standee of Hongki and tweeted it to him. So cute!

김포공항에서 홍기를 만났다. 푸하하.. 안녕 반짝반짝 홍스타야~^ㅡ^ 아침일찍부터 만나는구나 ㅋㅋㅋ
I met Hongki at Gimpo airport. Haha...Hello shiny shinhy Hongstar~^-^ Ah we meet so early in the morning kekeke

She also went on her blog to tell her Japanese fans she was coming.

Tomorrow, let's meet!!

I arrived at Haneda airport around 9:55am and Shin Hye's flight was scheduled to land at 10:05am. I had to stop by the flower shop this morning to pick up the bouquet. It was so pretty!!! So under the rainy sky, I walked as quickly as I could to catch the train. I caught the earlier train out to the airport. Luckily I got there with enough time to spare. There I met masamaf and Minyo0804. I've met Minyo0804 before but it was my first time meeting masamaf. It always amazes me how quickly we get to know each other. It's all because of our love for Shin Hye. 

(It's huge!)

So together we waited. We saw some IMX staff and went over and talked to them a bit. Shin Hye was going to come that way. They were really friendly in letting us stand with them. So we did and waited. It was very nerve wracking as always. Our hearts were going a thousand miles an hour. And even though I've met Shin Hye before, I still get so nervous every single time. And every time it felt like the first time.

Upon arriving at Haneda, IMX representatives ushered Shin Hye toward the VIP exit. Fans were able to see her from the time she walked out of the gate to the exit.  Due to security reasons, I gave our flowers to Manager Jun Hwan.

Even though everything was pretty tight, Shin Hye was able to give some very lucky fans her autograph. It was great seeing her at the airport. She was smiling and happy to be there.

I managed to talk to Shin Hye and Manager Jun Hwan in the time given. They know PSHIFC will be represented at the fan meeting tomorrow with very good seats-yes very very good seat! hehehehe.

Then Shin Hye was ushered in through the exit. So we bid her good bye, and I told her again that I will see tomorrow. Manager Jun Hwan came out a little afterward and we talked to him too for a bit then we said good bye. I left soon after that.

After arriving in Japan, IMX took Shin Hye and her gang out for lunch where she tweeted this photo of where the movie, Kill Bill was filmed, and this message:

오 ㅇㅅㅇ 킬빌 촬영지였던 식당이래요~ 오야코돈이 맛있네요 쿠쿠>_<
OhㅇㅅㅇThis Kill Bill filming location restaurant~oyakodon is delicious >_<

 I ate oyakodon* with everyone. It was delicious v(^_^v)

*oyakodon is a bowl of rice served with chicken that's cooked with eggs, onions, soy sauce, and mirin (cooking sake) on top.

We wish Shin Hye all the best tomorrow at the fanmeeting. It's going to be great! Good luck!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Letter of Thanks: Donation to Save the Children for Park Shin Hye's Birthday

To Star Angels,

THANK YOU! 감사합니다! ありがとう! Merci! ขอขอบคุณคุณ! شكرا! Danke! 謝謝!

We have donated the money raised to the Save the Children Foundation (세이브더칠드런). and with that we would like to take this time to thank everyone who had participated and gave selflessly to the cause. Thank you so much! We couldn't have done this without your tremendous generosity. Your kindness knows no bounds. We are so proud to have such fantastic members.

We have seen Shin Hye demonstrate time and again her kind heart and her humble character through her acts of charity. Every year on her birthday, Shin Hye would spend the day at a shelter helping those in need. This year was no different. Even though she didn't spend it at the shelter, what she did was just as inspiring because the ticket sales from her birthday fan meeting went to Korean Food for the Hungry International-particularly to help Ghana.

Shin Hye's kindness and selflessness touched and inspired all of us. Since the creation of this site, it has been our tradition to donate to charity every year under Shin Hye's name, honoring her for the very special person she is. Because of your donation, we were able to keep up this tradition.

Since hearing that she went to Ghana and seeing what she did there, we launched our charity fundraiser. Throughout the months, you gave selflessly just like Shin Hye. When everything was totaled and collected, we were able to raise $1472.26USD (= 1,654,650 Korean Won) for Save the Children. Great work, everyone! We're so proud.

The money donated went specifically to Save the Children's HEART program. The HEART program is a program that raises money to provide education to children in third world countries. According to statistics, 67 million children do not have the chance to go to school due to poverty. This program provides Arts education-including drawing, painting, music, poetry, dance, drama, and storytelling-to children. 

The HEART program is currently being carried out by Save the Children in Haiti, Malawi, Mozambique, and Nepal. 60,000 children benefited from this program in 2011. 

Park Shin Hye is truly inspirational. And for that we are so proud to be called her fans. By coming together and helping each other, we can make a difference in the world, one step at a time. 

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

With love,

Park Shin Hye International Fanclub
February 2012

(Thank you letter from STC CEO)

(Card sent to Shin Hye from STC)

If we've missed anyone, please let us know as soon as possible. Email us at 

Want to read up on our other charities? Go here:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye Birthday Fan Meeting in Seoul

On Park Shin Hye's 23rd birthday, she held a special event with her fans-a birthday fan meeting. This event was held in Seoul. Many fans from Korea and overseas attended the event. 

During the fan meeting, she was asked many questions. Here are some:

Questions from fans: Most impressive role she played: Go Minam &Minyo. They were similar to herself & she could play freely.

Her favorite actor: Wonbin. She wants to go to volunteer. How she keeps her beautiful skin: eat a lot sleep well laugh a lot

About Keunsuk: He's sensitive but strong at heart at the same time. He always makes efforts even it's invisible. He's like a brother whom she can respect. 
CR@Minyo0804 and @ozbussi

Shinhye said that she will let her hair grow and show the fans her pure image.

Shin Hye had two very important guests: her dogs, Bongji and Nori!

Shin Hye also played the guitar while singing a song her brother had composed for her. The lyrics were her own. The song is as followed:

Shinhye's own lyrics that she let the fans hear at the birthday party on Feb.18th, 2012.

타이틀 : 미정 
(작사 : 박신혜 / 작곡 : 박신원

그대가 보이네요
그대도 내가 보이나요
한걸음 다가가고싶었지만 
차마 그럴수가 없네요
한참을 망설였죠 바보같이 
이런내가 정말로 이상하죠 
이런 괜찮을까요. 아이쿠 
전해질까요. 그대에게 말하지 못했던 
말들을 이젠 얘기 볼게요
조금은 부족하지만 
한걸음씩 다가가 용기내볼래요

고마워요. 그대 항상 곁에서 
웃어주는 그대 있어서 행복함을 선물받죠 

함께할까요. 그대도 나와 같다면 
손을 잡아줄래요

오해도 많았었죠 상처를 남기기도 했죠 
보이지 않는 서로의 감정에 아프기도 했었죠

조심스럽게 다가가 하고픈 말이 있죠 
맘속에 깊이 담아둔 한마디 
조금은 부끄럽지만 
한걸음씩 다가가 용기내 볼래요

그대 항상 곁에서 지켜주는 그대 있어서 감사함에 눈물이나죠 
그대가 필요하죠 
그대가 너무 소중해요

출처 : 공식팬클럽 별빛천사 - from신혜

Title : Not decided 
(Writer : Park Shin Hye / Composer : Park Shin Won) 

You are seen. 
Do you see me? 
I wanted to go one step, but I can't do so. 

I hesitated for a long time like a fool. 
I'm such an unusual person to do that. 
Am I okay? Eeek~ 
Will it be told? 
Now, I will tell the words that I haven't told you. 
I'll be courageous step by step even though I'm not perfect. 

Thank you. 
I receive the present,happiness, due to smiling you with me all the time. 
Shall we be together? 
Will you hold my hand if you think the same as mine.

There had been lots of misunderstandings between you and me. 
We had left scars in the hearts. 
We had pains in the invisible emotions each other. 

I have the words to tell you carefully. 
A word in my deep heart. 
I'll be courageous step by step even though I'm a little shy. 

I weep tears of gratitude due to protecting me with me all the time. 
Please be with me. 
I do need you. 
You are really precious. 

cr : from Shinhye (Official Fanclub 별빛천사
Translate : 

After the show, Shin Hye shook all of her fans' hands. All the proceeds from the fan meeting will go to help Ghana.

Later Shin Hye went to her twitter and tweeted thanking her fans for coming to her fan meeting.

Am posting late. I'm so happy and thankful for receiving your(fans) love. To my Korean fans and foreign fans who came to my FM thank you. I will be striving harder to be a better Shin Hye..^^

늦은시간에 올리게되네요.. 여러분의 사랑 듬뿍 받으면서 너무 행복하고 감사한 시간이였습니다. 국내 팬분들 그리고 해외에서도 찾아와 주신 여러분 감사합니다..^^* 앞으로 열심히 노력하는 신혜가 되겠습니다..^^

On Friday February 24, Shin Hye will be in Tokyo, Japan to hold her very first solo overseas fan meeting at the Tokyo Zepp center. 

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Music. The Lyrics. The Woman Behind Both Celebrates Her 23rd

The STAR who we have first known for being the wild child in a music video is turning 23, and she welcomes her year with the same song, but with a new beat.

She is still the same sweet wild child we have always loved, but as the years have gone by, but the songs in her kind soul and the lyrics of her beautiful life have surpassed the boundaries. Her profession has brought her fame and respect from fans all over the world, her music has won the hearts of many people, the likes of the children of Nepal and Ghana.

To the lady behind the music and lyrics … Park Shin Hye … Happy 23rd Birthday!

You will always be #1 on our billboard charts!

This is Our Song
With the ceaseless donations of our members, we were able to raise 1472.26USD for Save the Children Foundation. As a tribute to, and in support of her generous acts, we have made it our worthy tradition to venture into an annual outreach program.

From the contribution of members, we were able to get many presents for her. We have also received contributions from our members for the princess-themed greeting book and the shower of stars.

As an organization, we have always aimed to be the bridge that connects nations to our Star, acting as liaisons for the outpour of presents, well-wishes and love coming from all over the world.

We have nothing less than chart-topping projects to make not only Shin Hye’s 23rd birthday, but also our site’s first anniversary (yup! has just turned 1!) more meaningful, all of these being part of commitment to bring more people closer to our star!

Thank You for the Music
It is better to give than to receive, that’s true. But isn’t it just grand when you give and also receive? We at PSHIFC make it possible. Just follow these simple steps:

            1.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (links on the left corner of our site)
2.Greet Shin Hye (@ssinz) on Twitter, using the hashtag #Happy23BirthdayShinHye. Make sure you include @PSH_IFC on your tweet.
3. Leave your greeting for Shin Hye at the comment part of this post, signing with your Twitter name.
4.The two winners will be randomly drawn by PSHIFC admins from this post.
      The winners of this drawing will each be given a set of 5 postcards of ANSHOW and a SHINHYE.ORG button pin and sticker.