Thursday, February 23, 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT] Park Shin Hye Arrives at Haneda for Fan Meeting

Park Shin Hye arrives this morning at Haneda airport for her "Angel's Birth" fan meeting with Japanese fans on Friday, February 24, 2012, at the Zepp Tokyo Center.

Before arriving, Shin Hye tweeted some photos of her at Gimpo airport. She wore a white dress topped with a black leather jacket, outlined by white fur. She finished the outfit off with some black booties and sunglasses. 

일본에 계시는 여러분을 만나러 갑니다아아~~~ 두근두근 설레이네요..^^
Meeting everyone from Japan ahhh~~ excited excited it's exciting..^^

When she was at Gimpo, she saw a standee of Hongki and tweeted it to him. So cute!

김포공항에서 홍기를 만났다. 푸하하.. 안녕 반짝반짝 홍스타야~^ㅡ^ 아침일찍부터 만나는구나 ㅋㅋㅋ
I met Hongki at Gimpo airport. Haha...Hello shiny shinhy Hongstar~^-^ Ah we meet so early in the morning kekeke

She also went on her blog to tell her Japanese fans she was coming.

Tomorrow, let's meet!!

I arrived at Haneda airport around 9:55am and Shin Hye's flight was scheduled to land at 10:05am. I had to stop by the flower shop this morning to pick up the bouquet. It was so pretty!!! So under the rainy sky, I walked as quickly as I could to catch the train. I caught the earlier train out to the airport. Luckily I got there with enough time to spare. There I met masamaf and Minyo0804. I've met Minyo0804 before but it was my first time meeting masamaf. It always amazes me how quickly we get to know each other. It's all because of our love for Shin Hye. 

(It's huge!)

So together we waited. We saw some IMX staff and went over and talked to them a bit. Shin Hye was going to come that way. They were really friendly in letting us stand with them. So we did and waited. It was very nerve wracking as always. Our hearts were going a thousand miles an hour. And even though I've met Shin Hye before, I still get so nervous every single time. And every time it felt like the first time.

Upon arriving at Haneda, IMX representatives ushered Shin Hye toward the VIP exit. Fans were able to see her from the time she walked out of the gate to the exit.  Due to security reasons, I gave our flowers to Manager Jun Hwan.

Even though everything was pretty tight, Shin Hye was able to give some very lucky fans her autograph. It was great seeing her at the airport. She was smiling and happy to be there.

I managed to talk to Shin Hye and Manager Jun Hwan in the time given. They know PSHIFC will be represented at the fan meeting tomorrow with very good seats-yes very very good seat! hehehehe.

Then Shin Hye was ushered in through the exit. So we bid her good bye, and I told her again that I will see tomorrow. Manager Jun Hwan came out a little afterward and we talked to him too for a bit then we said good bye. I left soon after that.

After arriving in Japan, IMX took Shin Hye and her gang out for lunch where she tweeted this photo of where the movie, Kill Bill was filmed, and this message:

오 ㅇㅅㅇ 킬빌 촬영지였던 식당이래요~ 오야코돈이 맛있네요 쿠쿠>_<
OhㅇㅅㅇThis Kill Bill filming location restaurant~oyakodon is delicious >_<

 I ate oyakodon* with everyone. It was delicious v(^_^v)

*oyakodon is a bowl of rice served with chicken that's cooked with eggs, onions, soy sauce, and mirin (cooking sake) on top.

We wish Shin Hye all the best tomorrow at the fanmeeting. It's going to be great! Good luck!!