Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Music. The Lyrics. The Woman Behind Both Celebrates Her 23rd

The STAR who we have first known for being the wild child in a music video is turning 23, and she welcomes her year with the same song, but with a new beat.

She is still the same sweet wild child we have always loved, but as the years have gone by, but the songs in her kind soul and the lyrics of her beautiful life have surpassed the boundaries. Her profession has brought her fame and respect from fans all over the world, her music has won the hearts of many people, the likes of the children of Nepal and Ghana.

To the lady behind the music and lyrics … Park Shin Hye … Happy 23rd Birthday!

You will always be #1 on our billboard charts!

This is Our Song
With the ceaseless donations of our members, we were able to raise 1472.26USD for Save the Children Foundation. As a tribute to, and in support of her generous acts, we have made it our worthy tradition to venture into an annual outreach program.

From the contribution of members, we were able to get many presents for her. We have also received contributions from our members for the princess-themed greeting book and the shower of stars.

As an organization, we have always aimed to be the bridge that connects nations to our Star, acting as liaisons for the outpour of presents, well-wishes and love coming from all over the world.

We have nothing less than chart-topping projects to make not only Shin Hye’s 23rd birthday, but also our site’s first anniversary (yup! has just turned 1!) more meaningful, all of these being part of commitment to bring more people closer to our star!

Thank You for the Music
It is better to give than to receive, that’s true. But isn’t it just grand when you give and also receive? We at PSHIFC make it possible. Just follow these simple steps:

            1.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (links on the left corner of our site)
2.Greet Shin Hye (@ssinz) on Twitter, using the hashtag #Happy23BirthdayShinHye. Make sure you include @PSH_IFC on your tweet.
3. Leave your greeting for Shin Hye at the comment part of this post, signing with your Twitter name.
4.The two winners will be randomly drawn by PSHIFC admins from this post.
      The winners of this drawing will each be given a set of 5 postcards of ANSHOW and a SHINHYE.ORG button pin and sticker.