Sunday, February 19, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye Birthday Fan Meeting in Seoul

On Park Shin Hye's 23rd birthday, she held a special event with her fans-a birthday fan meeting. This event was held in Seoul. Many fans from Korea and overseas attended the event. 

During the fan meeting, she was asked many questions. Here are some:

Questions from fans: Most impressive role she played: Go Minam &Minyo. They were similar to herself & she could play freely.

Her favorite actor: Wonbin. She wants to go to volunteer. How she keeps her beautiful skin: eat a lot sleep well laugh a lot

About Keunsuk: He's sensitive but strong at heart at the same time. He always makes efforts even it's invisible. He's like a brother whom she can respect. 
CR@Minyo0804 and @ozbussi

Shinhye said that she will let her hair grow and show the fans her pure image.

Shin Hye had two very important guests: her dogs, Bongji and Nori!

Shin Hye also played the guitar while singing a song her brother had composed for her. The lyrics were her own. The song is as followed:

Shinhye's own lyrics that she let the fans hear at the birthday party on Feb.18th, 2012.

타이틀 : 미정 
(작사 : 박신혜 / 작곡 : 박신원

그대가 보이네요
그대도 내가 보이나요
한걸음 다가가고싶었지만 
차마 그럴수가 없네요
한참을 망설였죠 바보같이 
이런내가 정말로 이상하죠 
이런 괜찮을까요. 아이쿠 
전해질까요. 그대에게 말하지 못했던 
말들을 이젠 얘기 볼게요
조금은 부족하지만 
한걸음씩 다가가 용기내볼래요

고마워요. 그대 항상 곁에서 
웃어주는 그대 있어서 행복함을 선물받죠 

함께할까요. 그대도 나와 같다면 
손을 잡아줄래요

오해도 많았었죠 상처를 남기기도 했죠 
보이지 않는 서로의 감정에 아프기도 했었죠

조심스럽게 다가가 하고픈 말이 있죠 
맘속에 깊이 담아둔 한마디 
조금은 부끄럽지만 
한걸음씩 다가가 용기내 볼래요

그대 항상 곁에서 지켜주는 그대 있어서 감사함에 눈물이나죠 
그대가 필요하죠 
그대가 너무 소중해요

출처 : 공식팬클럽 별빛천사 - from신혜

Title : Not decided 
(Writer : Park Shin Hye / Composer : Park Shin Won) 

You are seen. 
Do you see me? 
I wanted to go one step, but I can't do so. 

I hesitated for a long time like a fool. 
I'm such an unusual person to do that. 
Am I okay? Eeek~ 
Will it be told? 
Now, I will tell the words that I haven't told you. 
I'll be courageous step by step even though I'm not perfect. 

Thank you. 
I receive the present,happiness, due to smiling you with me all the time. 
Shall we be together? 
Will you hold my hand if you think the same as mine.

There had been lots of misunderstandings between you and me. 
We had left scars in the hearts. 
We had pains in the invisible emotions each other. 

I have the words to tell you carefully. 
A word in my deep heart. 
I'll be courageous step by step even though I'm a little shy. 

I weep tears of gratitude due to protecting me with me all the time. 
Please be with me. 
I do need you. 
You are really precious. 

cr : from Shinhye (Official Fanclub 별빛천사
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After the show, Shin Hye shook all of her fans' hands. All the proceeds from the fan meeting will go to help Ghana.

Later Shin Hye went to her twitter and tweeted thanking her fans for coming to her fan meeting.

Am posting late. I'm so happy and thankful for receiving your(fans) love. To my Korean fans and foreign fans who came to my FM thank you. I will be striving harder to be a better Shin Hye..^^

늦은시간에 올리게되네요.. 여러분의 사랑 듬뿍 받으면서 너무 행복하고 감사한 시간이였습니다. 국내 팬분들 그리고 해외에서도 찾아와 주신 여러분 감사합니다..^^* 앞으로 열심히 노력하는 신혜가 되겠습니다..^^

On Friday February 24, Shin Hye will be in Tokyo, Japan to hold her very first solo overseas fan meeting at the Tokyo Zepp center. 

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