Saturday, March 24, 2012

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Leaves to Attend TGC in Shanghai

Today Park Shin Hye leaves for Shanghai, China to attend the annual Tokyo Girls Collection, a showcase of fashionable streetwear by Japanese brands. Last year, Shin Hye attended the showcase as a runway model for Coco Deal and Dress Camp

The showcase is set for Saturday, March 24th at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Before leaving for China, Shin Hye went on twitter and tweeted the following message and photos to her fans:

기내탑승 10분전^^ 저 모델 같나요? 상해에서 열리는 TGC 참석하기 위해 오늘 상해로 떠나요..!! 응원해주세요!!
Boarding in 10 minutes ^^ Do I look like a model? I'm leaving today to attend the TGC in Shanghai..!! Please support me!!!

She also went on to her weibo and wrote this message to her Chinese fans:

상해로 출국해요!!! 여러분 너무너무 보고싶어요^ㅡ^ 푸동에서 만나요 
I'm heading to Shanghai!!! I really really want to meet you ^ㅡ^ See you at Pudong

Upon arriving in Shanghai, Shin Hye was met by many fans at the airport welcoming her back to China. 

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  1. i love you park shin hye love uuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. she got skinnier

  3. Shin hye you 're so beautiful and yeah you look like model and deserve to be it, you're so gougeous congratulations for the show. we'll wait for your next ptoject ^_^

  4. beautiful shinhye..shes kinda looks skinny like a model.

  5. Shinhye you are so beautiful!!! Definitely a model, no doubt!!

  6. she's so pretty ,,,for me she's the prettiest actress in the world,,and she's really good in dancing,,,and she's very good in acting,, i cant get enough of park shin hye my room is full of her pictures,,,wish i could meet you someday im your no. 1 fan in the philippines,,,sarang hae park shin hye,,, im martina by the way,,,your no. 1 fan,,,here

  7. yup, unni is really pretty !! no one can defeat her beauty ~ Ü unni, take care always ! wish I could meet you someday ! ♥ your FAN here ~ from philippines. & unni, I agree w/ anonymous : you got skinnier this days. ( always eat plenty of healthy foods unni, and don't skip. =) lots of love ! ♥Ü

  8. she is pretty and beutiful girl, ^^

  9. i miss you unni !! ='( btw, my name is fritzie . i'm the one who wrote that ↑ =)) im your fan from philippines. (XD) LOL'