Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[VIDEOS] "Heartstrings" Japan BTS


  1. yeahh!!! I'm the first yess!!! ^^
    ah!!! I'm so excited!!I loved Shin Hye in Heartstrings!!! It's 9:36 pm here in Argentina, and tomorrow i have to go to school.. u.u
    but thank you for posting such great videos!!
    God bless you!! ^^
    Sophie (from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  2. It would be great if Shin hye appear in "WE GOT MARRIED" with a pretty,cute idol!!!Why don't we support her to take part in that program?

  3. Shin hye, i was wondering? the ring that you are wearing now on your right ring finger, i have noticed ever since the filming of Heartstring?, is it a ring from someone who loves you? and of course you love him too..^^ Haengbokyeseyo :))
    btw thanks for the videos..love you both PSH n JYH..YongShin couple..Dooley Couple.. you both have remarkable chemistry since YAB 2009 til now...
    may God bless you both with health, success, love and happiness..can't wait for your marriage photos...Marriage in young age is absolutely the best, lets say 24-25yr old...hehehe...just my opinion..Park shin hye & Jung yong hwa figthing!!

  4. heartstring is so Beautiful .. .i wish to have Part II

  5. yayyy!! hope shin hye and yong hwa will get work together, whereever movies,drama or singging perfomance, anything should be good for them..
    from Indonesia.

  6. does this have subtitles on it.. =) watched heartstrings 3 times and i am a guy, they just got good chemistry aside from the fact that i watched it because of Shin Hye.. from Philippines.. ^^