Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[EVENT] Park Shin Hye's Hong Kong Dr. G events WINNERS (附有中文)


Hello everyone. Thanks for waiting patiently. We've finalized everything. 
大家好。 謝謝大家耐心的等待。 我們將會在此宣布演員朴信惠在香港舉行的DRG宣傳活動的成功申請人。

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for their interest in seeing Park Shin Hye. We are very sorry for the limited tickets this time around. Due to the limited quota for both events and overwhelming response, we cannot give tickets to all applicants. we are very sorry about it but we hope that you can participate in such events again in the future.

Please check the following name lists. If your name is on the list(s), please check your email for the exact location and time of the events. 

Rules: The events are CLOSED to public. If you're a successful applicant, a name tag with your name will be provided at the entrance. Please show your valid ID Card or Passport for registration on event day. Your name MUST match the one on the name list below or you will be denied access. 
規則活動並不對外開放如果是一個成功申請人活動當天出示您的有效身份證或護照以作登記。 大會將會進行姓名核對, 然後派發名牌。如果名稱不符合您在報名表上填寫的名字, 您將被拒絕進場

For the 19th event, there will be a fan-sign session. Please do NOT bring your own things for Shinhye to sign. Posters will be provided that day.
19 的活動 將會有簽名環節。 大會將會提供海報, 所以大家請不要攜帶私人物件給演員朴信惠簽名

For 20th, there is a dress code requirement. The dress code is SMART-CASUAL so please dress appropriately as there will be a photo-taking session. Please do not wear beach-wear, shorts, flip flops, tank tops, etc. Gentlemen are advised to wear shirts and ladies are advised to wear dresses. 
20的活動有服裝要求: SMART-CASUAL著裝該天將會有拍照活動,所以請著裝得體請不要穿沙灘短褲球鞋, 拖鞋,背心男士建議穿襯衫女士建議穿裙

Please check your emails for more information on Wednesday. 於星期三(5月18日)檢查您的電子郵件

We look forward to seeing you all^^ 我們期待跟您們見面。

The winners that we have drawn comes from Hong Kong, USA, Korea, Japan, Macau, the Philippines and China.

Event 1) Dr. G Promotional Press Conference
Date: April 19 2012
Arrival Time: 1:50 pm 
Venue: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong (Please check your emails for exact location)

1.    Karen Ma
2.    Michelle Li
3.    Caterina Ng
4.    Ginny Choi
5.    Crystal Cheng
6.    Alice Cheng
7.    Wong Wing Tai
8.    嘉慧
9.    Tang Kai Shan
10.  Mui Man Kit
11.  劉永健
13.  赖凤
14.  玉英
15.  Lee Sze Nga
16.  Miyan Fong
17.  Cheung Shuk Fan
18.  Ng Ka Yan
19.  Lau Nga Wai
20.  Chung Cho Yin
21.  江美
22.  Yin Nor Wong
23.  Lam Ka Yin
24.  Yeung Yeun Ha
25.  Cheung Ching Yi       
26.  葉嘉欣
27.  Kong Mei Kei
28.  Jennica
29.  芷津
30.  Au Pik Kan
31.  Michiyama Sachiko (Japan)

*Please bring a PHOTO ID or PASSPORT to enter the events. Your name must match the name that you have entered on the registration form. If they don't, you will not be allowed to enter. Name tags will be provided by the event coordinators.

*You are NOT allowed to bring your own things for the fan signing. Posters will be provided.


Event 2) Company, Bloggers and Fans Gathering (Invitation-only)
Date: April 20 2012
Arrival Time: 1:00 pm
Venue: A hotel in Central District, Hong Kong (Please check your emails for exact location)


1.    Karen Ma
2.    김종규 (Korea)
3.    Ilyse Pia Flanagan (USA)
4.    Crystal Cheng
5.    Alice Cheng
6.    Choi Sze Yin
7.    Michiyama Sachiko (Japan)
8.    Louisa Lai
9.    嘉恩
10.  Jenna Santos (HK/Philippines)
11.  Tang Kai Shan
12.  Mui Man Kit
13.  Yin Nor Wong
14.  朱燕桃
15.  Wong Wing Tai
16.  嘉慧
17.  Christine Anne de la Cruz (Philippines)
18.  芷津
19.  葉嘉欣
20.  子豪
21.  Leung Yi Wing
22.  Cheung Mei Yin
23. Analyn Canete
24. Ko Tsz Fung
25. Michelle Li
26. Joyce Lam
27. Yasmine Zahir (England)

*Please bring a PHOTO ID or PASSPORT to enter the events. Your name must match the name that you have entered on PSHIFC. If they don't, you will not be allowed to enter. Name tags will be provided by the event coordinators. 

*Dress Code: SMART-CASUAL. NO sneakers, sandals, flip flops, shorts.

Further information about the venue will be sent to your emails.