Monday, April 16, 2012

[FAN ACCOUNT] Shin Hye Arriving in Hong Kong

This morning, Shin Hye left Korea for Hong Kong. She will be in Hong Kong for a week, filming for O'Live and doing events for Dr. G in Hong Kong. 

Before leaving for Hong Kong, at the airport in Korea, Shin Hye tweeted her fans two photos of her looking ever chic with the message: 

홍콩홍콩홍콩으로 출국합니다아~\ㅇㅅㅇ/ 아침비행기라 조금 피곤하지만 설레임에 두근두근\>_</ 홍콩에서 만나요♥
Hong Kong Hong Kong, departing for Hong Kong~~\ㅇㅅㅇ/ A little tired because it's a morning flight but excited \>_</ See you in Hong Kong

Shin Hye and her team arrived in Hong Kong around 11 am. We waited and soon she came out. I said to Shin Hye, long time no see and gave her our flowers. I told her to let me take a photo of her and our flowers. She did. 

The only guy fan at the airport was Tai. He carried all the presents and gave them to Manager Jun when Shin Hye and her team came out. 

We walked with them to the elevator. I was walking slightly behind Shin Hye and so I touched her shoulder from behind. She saw me and she hugged me with one arm. She said my name. I was so happy! We talked to each other as we walked. I told Manager Jun that he is handsome with his new haircut. As we neared the elevator, I told her I'll see her on Friday. She said, "Friday." Then they got into the elevator and she waved byebye.


  1. >V< She is so nice!! Love!!!! Big love!!!
    I really want to meet her ><
    but had exam very soon...(next week) sosad!!!
    When will she leave hk?

  2. Great work girls! Thanks for sharing!!

    Fans in HK, enjoy SH's stay...hope you all get a chance to see her :)

  3. oh, fans from Hong KKong, you are so lucky!!! TT.TT
    I wish she came to Argentina, I would be so happy!!!...
    but enjoy yourselves and have a great time with her!!

    Shin Hye, please, never forget your fans!!! we love so much!!...

    Wish her the best, God bless her!! ^^

    (from Argentina)

  4. everytime she look so stunned......,

    Wish her the best ....God bless you Shin Hye........!!!!

    from Netherland

  5. she's so pretty and photogenic, i would look ugly in every photo taken of me, but her smile is soooo pretty

  6. She is a natural beauty...Unlike me... I want to look like her!!! She is PRETTY!! Even if her hair is short like a boy (In he's beautiful)...:)