Sunday, April 22, 2012

[PHOTOS] 4.20 Dr.G Aquasis Private Gathering, Hong Kong

The event on 4.20 was a private gathering for fashion bloggers and fans. The venue of this party was the top-notch Azure Bar of LKF Hotel which is located in the heart of the central business district of Hong Kong. No media was present.

As mentioned before, 30 lucky fans who successfully applied on our site were chosen to attend. Refreshments were served throughout the event.

At the reception, each guest was asked to take a Polaroid photo which would be used for a very good purpose later. Each guest was also given two inflatable pompoms to welcome Shinhye's arrival (It's a very Hong Kong thing to use inflatable pompoms)

At 1:45 the event started and Shinhye came out wearing a very beautiful blue dress with cherry prints. *a point to note here is that I was sitting on a 1st row reserved seat right in front of Shinhye(3 feet distance), so Shinhye kept doing cute funny faces throughout*

She greeted everyone and started to introduce the Dr.G Aquasis products. Once again, she was asked about her beauty tips for great skin and why she likes Dr.G products.

Then it was time for live demos. There were two live demos – one on BB Cream and one on the Aquasis Gel Cream. The MC said she would pick whoever that puts his/her hand up the fastest.

I was very hesitant because I didn’t know whether.. and then I saw Shinhye staring at me and laughing. The MC told us to put up our hands again because she couldn’t see it clearly. So this time I shot up my hand at rocket speed and got chosen. 

Shinhye started talking about the BB Cream and the usage of it. Then she squeezed a big amount of it onto her hand, dabbed it, spoke of how the product is good for summer use, and then dabbed some onto my hand. She was being her usual bubbly and cheeky self and said ‘kekekeke’ while she was dabbing it onto my hand. We both tried very hard to hold back laughter as to appear professional. Not quite successful haha.

Then she spoke some more about the BB Cream and I was asked to speak about my feelings towards the product. Then I was asked about how I felt to be able to stand so close to Shinhye. We almost broke out into laughter again on that one but I managed to answer hehe. Then I said thank you to Shinhye and returned to my seat. 

The next chosen person got to demo the gel cream with Shinhye. 

The next event employs the use of the Polaroid photos taken earlier. Among all the photos, Shinhye would have to choose 3 lucky ones ‘with good skin’ and give them a gift pack each with the Dr. G products she has been promoting and a signed card. And she chose me again >_< Thank you, unni~

The third event was a lucky draw. 5 winners were chosen and were given traveling set products. Also, each of them received a little something brought from Korea by Shinhye – one person got Korean teddy keychains, one got a Minam mug.. etc. lucky! Among the winners, one of them was a fan who came specially from the Philippines to attend the event. When her name was picked, I said to Shinhye ‘This is your fan from the Philippines’ and Shinhye was surprised and happy “Philippine fan?”. Aww.

The last event of the day was group photo taking. Note: Hong Kong people love taking group photos, which explains why both events today and yesterday had group photo sessions.

After that, it was time for Shinhye to leave the venue for the airport. All the guests said ‘Kamsahamnida’ to her in Korean and she replied with ‘Dor Tse (Thank you in Hong Kong-nese)’ Then she waved goodbye and left.

Upon exiting, each guest received a gift pack with sample Dr. G products and also a signed poster from Shinhye.

We greeted her at the airport before she boarded her flight but no photos were taken to respect her privacy. Shinhye changed into her casual clothes, sports shoes and a cap. She waved goodbye to fans.

Inside the terminal, she updated her Twitter with two gorgeous selcas.
"홍콩에서 즐거운 시간을 보내고 집으로 돌아갑니다. 다음에 만나요 홍콩~^^ 서울로 돌아가면....... 나를 기다리고있는 중간고사... 시르다시르다..ㅠ
I had a great time in Hong Kong and now it's tme to go home. See you next time Hong Kong~^^ Upon return to Seoul.......midterm exams are waiting for me... pout pout..ㅠ"

Sadly, her flight was delayed due to bad weather LOL. We are glad that she’s home safely now and we will miss you, Shinhye! Thank you for the wonderful memories


  1. Thanks for sharing...I know you had a very challenging time but you have done such a good job :)

    Glad someone won from the Philippines!!! Yahooooooooo!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Karen thank you so much for all the time, effort, money and love you put into coordinating for these events. We know you're very busy with school but you placed this among the top of your list! we could not thank you enough for representing us! thank you for taking good care of Shin Hye during her time in Hongkong and giving her the warm welcome and send off. she's a very busy person like you and am sure she sees the love you've put in what you've done and appreciates it.

    God bless you Karen!

  3. ohhh! forgot to mention that! when i read that someone from the Philippines won i had goosebumps all over my arms! so happy for her!!! congratulations! so happy for you!!! maybe you can comment and share with us how you felt during the event and when you won. how was Shin Hye?

  4. Thank you Karen for all your efforts. You're an asset to Shin Hye and thank you for the good report.

    I hope that someday, you and Mee will be working together coordinating events like this - an event planner and coordinator. your patience is exemplary.

  5. Shin Hye is indeed blessed to have fans like you Karen, Mee and the rest of the administrators of PSH_IFC.

    my heartfelt thanks for updating us.

    Your work is much appreciated.

    Muchas Gracias!

    Anna Rosario

  6. @Eon thanks
    @vira65 thanks and i am so happy too...hehehe

    my friend and i would like to extend our sincere THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Karen for giving us the chance to be part of the event.

    i could not believe i was there in LKF HK it was raining on that day and we really got wet on the way there.... when the event started and Shin Hye arrived... i could not described exactly how i felt, it was mixed emotions... she is very sexy, very beautiful and her skin so flawless...

    during the event i could not understand anything on what they were talking about so i was just watching their actions and there was a time when Shin Hye was looking around the audience and i caught her attention by waving my hand to her and she gave me her very lovely and sweet smile...
    our princess is really very sweet to her fans... i will continue to support her and hope to attend another fan meet with her.

    i would say luck was on my side when Park Shin Hye picked my name as one of the winners of the lucky draw and to be near to Shin Hye was just an explosion of emotions for me ....and got a hug from her i was just so surprised that i have to check on myself if i was dreaming? but nope it was real...and pictures could proved it :)

    being there in the event with Shin Hye i was already very happy and won the draw made it more memorable..

    thanks to PSHIFC and hope to attend in future event of our dear princess Shin Hye

    1. hi! i know am being nosy, do forgive me for i cannot resist, but aside from the Dr. G travel kit what gift from Shin Hye did you get? and how long did the whole affair last?

    2. wow!! you're so lucky.. :)) how i wish i was there too.. :D

  7. hi vira65 , its ok i will answer your questions :) im spazzing so i might not be able to write all from my last post...

    aside from travel kit i also received a Dr. G postcard of PSH with Shin Hye signature and the little something from Korea which our princess brought was a very colorful case pouch... when SASA organizers told us the pouch was brought personally by Shin i love her more...
    i thought she gave the same item for each winners but just found out from above postings that others received different items...

    also we received the polaroid photos..thanks to PSHIFC for the great souvenir.

    actually i could not remember exactly the time duration of the event...hehehe sorry i was so star struck with Shin Hye... all i remember was we left the venue just few minutes after Shin Hye left...we left around 2.35pm +- because i still have to catch a 6pm flight and when we were saying our farewell with our new friends in PSHIFC, we found that Shin Hye will have a flight back to Korea around 5pm so she was also in hurry maybe coz the airport is somehow far from the venue.

    i wish i would have more time to chat with fellow PSH fans in the event but sadly we have to leave otherwise we will be late for check in for our 6pm flight... in which all flights were delayed :(

  8. i dont know but i cried when i read this,maybe because i felt that meeting her is only in my dreams..all of you are so lucky...and thank u so much for your efforts, because of you we got updated and seems to be closer to her more,,,

  9. wow! I'm so happy for the Filipina fan who met shin hye... you are definitely lucky :) congratulations:))) I really hope to see shin hye someday like you...Thank you for sharing your experience :)

    and for the admins thank you so much for so many updates :)

  10. yessss..i wish i could see shinhye and jks together in person...

  11. Thank you so much for sharing with us your story!!! You are so lucky and blessed! Did you Shin Hye some presents from Cebu? Dried mangoes? Hehe! Have some Korean friends and they love our dried mangoes. Am from Cebu too. Wish we can talk some day! Wish all Cebuano Starlight Angels can meet you!

    1. hi where can all cebuano starlight angels meet? i wish to see you all and let us share our likes for shin hye :)

      how to contact you vira?

  12. i hope our dear Shin Hye would be able to visit Philippines:)

  13. Cute Cute Cute !!!

    ShinHye's very cute girl for me ><

    Hope u come to visit Thailand ;)