Thursday, April 26, 2012

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Wins Paeksang's Popular Female in Dramas Award

April 26, 2012 is the second year in which Park Shin Hye attended the annual Paeksang Arts Award held in Seoul.

Over the course of about one month, fans were encouraged to vote for their favorite actress in the Drama category for the Paeksang Arts Award. Shin Hye beat her competitors with a win of 50.2%. Shin Hye won for her drama, "Heartstrings."

Tonight dressed in red, our lovely Lady in Red, walked the red carpet looking absolutely gorgeous, as always. During the awards show, Shin Hye was also a presenter.

When the recipients were announced and given flowers, Jung Yong Hwa ran from behind and gave her a bouquet! It was unexpected and Shin Hye was surprised. Later she said to the MC, "Last year, Yonghwa came from behind too. Next year, I hope Yonghwa comes from front."

Shin Hye's co-star from "You're Beautiful," Jang Keun Suk, also won in the Movie's category.


We would like to congratulate our wonderful girl on her win. She is an amazing actress. No one deserves this award more than her! We are so proud to be her fans! CONGRATULATIONS, Shin Hye! We love you so much!


  1. CONGRATS SHINHYE..stay well and more recognition in the future.fighting!

  2. ❤❤I'm so proud to be your fans Congratulation Princes Shin Hye ,I ❤U ����

  3. congrats shin hye!!!!

  4. The MC was talking about Yong Hwa again at 5:54. What was it about? Could someone explain that please.. =)

  5. awww..Sooo sweet!!!❤❤❤ yonghwa gave her flowers again...

  6. omo! for the second time, YongHwa gave bouquet of flowers to ShinHye! sosososososweeeeeeeeet! chukahamnida ShinHye! :)

  7. funny. jks wants to catch yjh . yjh run immediately. ha ha like yab. so sweet.

  8. Congratulation Park Shin Hye.... You really deserve that award.. More power to you!!! I hope I can watch this with english translation.

  9. Shin Hye is the best. elegance, class, culture - she stands-out compared to everyone.

    Yong Hwa. I love this guy. Unassuming. Sincere. Honest. Independent. Thoughtful.

  10. I don't know most of them. I only know Shin Hye, Jang Keun Suk and Yong Hwa.

    The rest, - their laughters and smiles seem constrained. I wonder if they had been through the knife. And some are slurping their saliva when they talk. ngeeek...


  11. For me, the highlight of the evening is when Yong Hwa gave a bouquet of flowers to Shin Hye. If indeed he likes Shin Hye, he possesses a stubborn love. He did it twice, last year and this year, and he couldn't careless what fans will say and I admire that of him. More so he knows that the broadcast is worldwide.

    Its like telling the world: "I appreciate that you support my music and our band, but my heart is my heart and no one can possess this except me. If I love someone, I love her and I won't be dictated by anyone". HE WALKS THE TALK. admirable quality in a guy.

    To top it all, he knows that there is a massive YongSeo or Goguma fan base. But, Yong Hwa is not threatened at all.

    I love Yong Hwa too.

    1. I agree with you! I think this love started in YAB days and blossomed in Heartstrings... Hope they will have another drama series, and I bet it will also be a big hit!

  12. Congratulations, Park Shin Hye...a well-deserved honor. And it is so nice to see your friends supporting you. Jung Yong Hwa seems to be a very thoughtful, giving person. Keep surrounding yourself with those who truly care for you and have your best interests at heart. :)

    Praying for you,


  13. Thank God she didn't trip on that dress. Wow, love her, but dress- not so much.

  14. Does anyone know what did Jang Keun Suk really say when he mentioned Park Shin Hye?

    I read several translations: A Sukkie blogsite said that "he wants to work with Kang Sora in a romance horror and he had previously worked with Park Shin Hye". Whereas other translation said that: "he wants to work again with park shin hye and the mc said romance and he said ok". But the camera focused on Shin Hye most of the time and not on Kang Sora.

    I hope someone can translate. Thank you.

    Lost in translation.

  15. Congrats to Beautiful & Lovely Park Shin Hye. You looks so gorgeous in that Red Dress. What more Yong Hwan presented you with a Bouquet Of Flower, so thoughtful of him this is the 2nd time he did it. All the best. Looking forward to you Movies Project in May 2012.

  16. congrats ,, to our , beloved shin hye .,. you ,, deserve it>> you really look pretty , to your long dress:) keep smile .. and be strong .we are always supporting you whatever you do ,, where ever you are , fighting !!!
    we love you ,, shin hye >> from the heart of philippines♥ ♥

  17. Quite interesting to see Jung Yong Hwa giving Shin-hye a bouquet of flowers. I really find it so touching. It's true that Jung Yong Hwa is a gentleman and I also observed it when I happened to watch the bts of "Heartstring" shooting. What reverence and respect shown to Shin-hye. I like Yong Hwa too for Shin-hye...

    It would be better if Sukki stood side by side with Shin-hye during the awarding ceremony... so near yet so far...


  18. English translation please...of the video on the awarding ceremony...


  19. HAHA.. ryt .. we need english translation..:)

  20. It's so funny to see both of them..
    hahahahaaaaaaa.. i like jung yong hwa and Park shin hye, i think they look so
    cute together..
    hope to see them in next drama..

    They look so macth to each other..


  21. Look jung yong hwa ran away while jang geun souk wanted to catch him.. hahhaaaa.. so funny..

    i think jang geun souk oppa also likes miss Park shin hye, and jung yong hwa too..

    So miss Park shin hye what will you do with the 2 cool guys.. jung yong hwa it's better for you. (i think) From INDONESIA

  22. Yong hwa is look sweet becoz he can act sweet on camera. they so confident bcoz there nothing between them. just like geun suk gave hae nul flower. i think geun suk wants to act sweet on camera but shin hye warn him not to. Remember the tokyo dome bts which only reveal after five month. geun suk hug her then after that she cover her face. In fact she called him honey! the most sweetest guy to her is for sure geun suk. No matter what he had been link to other women he never let the relation goes beyond the professional boundary. He reveal quiet a lot of his closeness to shin hye. Sometime i wonder still fans does not wants to approve him for shin hye. Is it becoz the image of HTK to GMN he is not suit to shin hye. But can't you see, the way geun suk pointed to yong hwa seem want to chase him so sweet!!!

  23. Congratulation shin hye...
    You're the best...
    I waited you in you're new drama...

  24. congrats park shin hye....
    you the besr mua

  25. I hope there will be English Subtitles for the videos so that we could understand much better. I hope Shin Hye,being the Most popular Actress for TV and Geun Suk,being the Most Popular Actor for Movie will have their movie together this 2012.They have done CFs and a drama together,but not in movies.right?They are at their best acting skills when they are paired.please...=)

  26. Shin-hye eonni daebak!! You're inspiring me again, thank you! :D

    And about Yonghwa's act, really, it really made me laughing in the floor. Such a funny guy, she must be surprised. I hope next year he'll come from the front, hahaha.

    I wonder what movie she'll be starring in May? Looking forward to it! Park Shin-hye fighting!! =)

  27. Congratulations Park Shin Hye!
    as always i am very proud of you, you are very talented and very popular!
    i so love your dress in the awards night and the shoes! oh my gosh i love your shoes...hehehehe

    hope to see your movie this year and hope you receive an award as well for this movie.

    from times with love - Phils.

  28. she just absolutly gorgeus and beautiful without showing alot of skins .
    xxx Holland

  29. I hope that Shin Hye will choose a good project for movie/drama that showcases her versatility. I think she's being type-casted because of her good girl/innocent image that's why she hasn't been in any action or thriller movies/tv shows.

  30. love the moment where jung yong hwa gave park shin hye sweet of him to do was my favorite part...i wished that jang keun suk did the same thing so that there will be massive chaos of screaming fans at the award show!!!! but who she chooses to date...she has my her sooo much!!!
    congratulations park shin hye!!!!

  31. Congratulations, Shin Hye!!! We love youu so much!!
    I wish you the best!!

    She was just beautiful with that dress..Always smiling and laughing ^^
    She deserves that award, she's so talented!! 사랑해, 신혜!!
    I liked it very much when Yong Hwa gave her the bouquet of flowers..
    very sweet couple!! ^^ but they only know their feelings
    wish them all the best
    God bless you with love, prosperity and don't forget He's the One who made you a beautiful, talented and charming woman!
    We all love you so much!!!

    Sophie (from Argentina)

  32. You really look lovely and elegant.

    What you wore, confirms that you can be oozing with appeal without revealing any flesh.

    Beautiful Shin Hye, even the MC was captivated by your demeanor and countenance. He could not just help himself. You, in fact, became the highlight of the event. It seems like, he didn't want to ask questions from the other winners but want to learn more about you.

  33. am i the only one who noticed that when they walked the red carpet, only park shin hye entertained the female reporter wearing the black and white short dress? almost all of them except shin hye brushed her off. she was even shouting to get their attention. park shin hye is really a nice person.

  34. yeah! right, Park Shin Hye eonni has the kindest heart of them all! she's the only one who entertain the reporter. really awesome Shinhye ♥

  35. congratulations park shin hye! yong hwa's a sneaky one! :) good luck to your future projects! :D

    cornydrew (philippines)

  36. The 48th Baeksang became interesting because of ShinHye and YongHwa..i just love how they support each other..cherish your beautiful friendship..and ShinHye, congratulations again, twice in a row..I'm looking forward to your movie and I hope its a different genre..

  37. park shun hye i really luv u :)

  38. Wowwwwwwwwww
    ShinHye looks so great !

    She's very beautiful in long red dress~
    Lately congratulations to ShinHye ^^

  39. Park Shin Hye is the darling of Baeksang 48th Award. She is so alluring.