Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Attends VIP Premiere of "The Taste of Money"

On May 15, the VIP premiere of the upcoming film, "The Taste of Money" was held at the Lotte Cinemas in Seoul.
"The Taste of Money" is a innovative and unconventional story that unveils the many biases and preset images of the wealthy. Many Korean dramas and films feature characters who are heirs or heiresses. Whether they are depicted as good or bad, this clearly proves that money is always one of the top topics of conversation and interest. However, "The Taste of Money" will try to shy away from those past images of the wealthy and try to show the audience a raw and real depiction of Korea's wealthy. 
The film revolves around the fictional Baek family, who is one of the wealthiest families in Korea and what they do to retain or gain power from money. "The Taste of Money" stars Kim Kang Woo, Kim Hyo Jin, Baek Yoon Shik and Yoon Yeo Jung.
"The Taste of Money" will hit theaters on May 17.

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  1. Taste of Money is a tripleX movie and strictly for adults only. The kind of movie that is invited at the Cannes Film Festival. It also stars Maui Taylor, a Filipina actress (Katrina Halili was first offered the role).

    I hope that Shin Hye will not star in films like these. This is the kind of film that warrants an Asian Best Actress Award and/or Paeksang Award but its not worth it. This is the kind that an actress will not allow her children to watch.

    As a Shin Hye fan, I would rather see her without a best actress award than be awarded one in a movie/drama like this kind.

    Watch the trailer, but don't do so if you're less than 22 years old.

  2. Did Shin Hye star in this film??
    i'm 16 and do not have idea what kind of movie is tripleX..but i shall not see this movie if you say that it's for adults..i don't like those movies..
    thanks for the comment!! i was going to search for this movie in the Internet,
    thank you very much!! now I know it would be pointless and i would be terrified.. -_- thank you very much!! gamsahamnida!!!

    i wish shin hye never stars in a movie like this one.. but i wish her the best and may God bless her...
    Shin Hye, please never star in one of those horrible movies!! (I say horrible because i don't like them at all)

    SHin hye, don't forget God doesn't like this kind of things! thay aren't healthy either..please, please!! -_-

    God bless you!!

    from Argentina

  3. i admire her very much, and i wish her the best, because she's a very talented actress and model, but i would be very dissapointed if she stars one of these movies..

  4. I personally don't care which movies/drama she chooses to do. It's just acting. And as she matures, maybe she will want to do more movies/dramas that showcases other aspects of her talent instead of being typecast into always portraying the innocent sweet girl. We aren't Shin Hye, so we can't tell her what to do or not to do. As a fan, I will always support her in whatever she decides to do because I know that her choice of movies/dramas will only further advance her and hone her talent.

  5. just to clarify TRIPLE X is different from a RATED R movie it means it is restricted to some audiences specially the younger ones while TRIPLE X is totally PORNO. this movie showcases the bad doings of a wealthy family which includes having an affair and the greed for sex. Making it mature to watch.

  6. i admire shin hye for her talent, she's a simple and beautiful person.
    she hasn't got to be always the innocent sweet girl, of course,
    but acting in this sort of movies..-_-. i think that she is very very talented, and no matter in what movies or dramas she acts, i will always admire her.
    i'm not saying that she mustn't act in this or that movie/drama, but it would be just a waste of time and talent and it doesn't worth it at all.

    may God always guide her and bless her in all what she does, this is my wish for her.