Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye VIP FM with Fans at Morning Calm Village

Over the weekend of May 13th, Shin Hye held a very private fanmeeting with fans from Japan and Korea. For two days and one night, fans were able to interact with Shin Hye privately and personally which includes playing games, barbecuing, having coffee and breakfast with Shin Hye and numerous opportunities for photos.

There were 17 fans at Morning Calm Village for the special fan meeting. When they first arrived, they waited for Shin Hye to come out. They shouted her name twice and then she came out and greeted them. She shook hands with everyone and welcomed them to the resort.

They placed a roulette type game and had their photos taken with Shin Hye.

After this game, they proceeded outside to play another game in which they were split into teams. The winners got autographed folders from Shin Hye.

The next game, for the winners, they were given signed copies of scripts from "Heartstrings"!

Next they were given a chance to ask Shin Hye some questions.

Q: If "It City" was in Japan, where would you like to shoot it?
A: Sapporo Snow Festival

Q: In "It City," what were some interesting shootings you did in Hong Kong?
A: In Hong Kong, it rained a lot-a lot! We shot without an umbrella. It was impressive. The dim-sum was good. Madame Tussaud? Where there are wax dolls on displayed. I was glad to see the doll of my favorite actor, Robert Pattinson.

Q: How does your character from "You're Beautiful" compared to you in person?
A: I think I'm very similar. My family and friends say we are very similar.

Q: What is one similar thing that you two (Shin Hye and Minam) have?
A: I think for example our gestures, and we're goofy. I make people laugh with my body gestures. For example, the bidet scene (You're Beautiful) where I was soaked was all improvisation (ad lib).

Q: In "You're Beautiful," who is close to your idea type?
A: *None of the three

Q: When there's no shooting, what do you usually do?
A: Chatting at a cafe with friends, cycling, walking my dogs. I go to school or watch a movie.

Q: Do you like it when fans spot you?
A: I have no problem with it. I often wear hats and so when they see me in passing they go, what? Who's that?

Q: I heard you like Won Bin. What do you think of him?
A: Won Bin is in the movie "Ajusshi." Their images are very different.

Many more questions were asked and Shin Hye answered them all. After the question and answer session, it was time for their barbecue. Shin Hye went around from table to table and talked with her fans and they asked her some more questions.

One of the fans asked if Shin Hye, Hongki, and Keun Suk were friends from their childhood since they were child actors. Shin Hye said no, they became friends during "You're Beautiful." Eun-Jung from T-ARA and Shin Hye went to junior high school together.

While conversing with some fans, Shin Hye spotted a green frog and chased after it. She caught it. (She is so cute!)

The day ended with the barbecue.

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