Saturday, May 12, 2012

[VIDEO] Park Shin Hye for O'Live It City "Healing Trip-Hong Kong""

Last month, during the week of April 16-20th, Park Shin Hye was in Hong Kong filming an episode for O'Live It City "Healing Trip-Hong Kong."  She spent several days shooting around the city and two days endorsing Dr. G's latest product "Aquasis" in which she held meetings/fansigning with fans. 

The program of her stay was aired on May 11th, 2012.


  1. She's very witty and so fun to watch., no dull moments even if i did not understand anything., Godbless Shin hye!!!

  2. She looks BEAUTIFUL , no doubt about it, not just the features......eyes sparkling and bright, skin glowing and a happy smile. She looks like a young, elegant lady who is not just a showpiece but a very interesting personality who is fun company. I feel like visiting Hong Kong now....I used to think its just a cosmopolitan city. Thanks, Shinhye.

    1. I agree with you!!!!
      she´s so elegant, so beautiful, so charming...
      she has a beautiful smile..^^
      God bless SHin Hye!!!

  3. shes so simple..thats why i like here so much..♥ u shin hye

  4. she so beautiful!

  5. she's just beautiful!!!!!
    she has a bright smile..
    she isn't just a famous actress and model or whatever, she's so talented, and so simple..that's why I admire her..
    may God bless her!!!
    saranghae, Shin Hye!!!

    from Argentina

  6. very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kiss from Bulgarie!

  7. she's is really pretty.. and beautiful.. and cute too!
    must be an angel in disguise? :D
    God bless Park Shin Hye!

    -cornelius from the philippines

  8. She is beautiful
    I loved her character in You're beautiful!

  9. OMG !!!

    ShinHye's really beautiful !!
    I very love her best cute smile ><

    Many Thanks for all pics ^^

  10. She's totally pretty!
    I love everything about her.., she's my Idol and she's the one for me!
    Go Shin Hye!