Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[INFO] "Heartstrings" Fan Meeting in Tokyo July 16, 2012

It's been announced that "Heartstrings" will be holding its very first fan meeting. The fan meeting will be held in Tokyo on July 16, 2012 at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Pre-sales tickets start Friday, June 15.

Both Shin Hye and Yong Hwa are scheduled to attend. 

■Heartstrings Fan meetings
■Date:2012/07/16 (MONDAY)
■Shows:【 Session 1 】 Doors open 13:00/Show starts 14:00
【 Session 2 】  Doors open 17:00/ Doors open 18:00
※Two sessions in one day
■Stars:Park Shin Hye/ Jung Yong Hwa
■Content:Video screening, interview, etc
■Palce:Tokyo International Forum Hall A
■Ticket Price:7500円
■General Sales date:2012/6/30

Pre-sale of Tickets:
Date: Start Friday June 15 at 9pm until Thursday June 21 at 11:59pm
Ticket announcement will be Friday June 22 via emails

To get pre-sale tickets, you need to register with Get Ticket then head to Disk Garage  to buy your ticket.

2012-06-12 パク・シネ「オレのことスキでしょ。」ファンミーティング参加決定


■開場・開演:【 1回目 】 開場13:00/開演14:00
【 2回目 】 開場17:00/開演18:00
■内容:映像上映、トークショー 等

なお、主催者からの発表によると、DISK GARAGEのGET TICKET会員に対して

<GET TICKET 無料会員先行>
2012.6.15(金) 21:00 〜 2012.6.21(木) 23:59

2012.6.22(金) 夜 ※メールにてご案内

DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888 (平日12:00-19:00)


  1. OMO..such a good news for a Doolier like me...awesome and i'm so happy and excited and can't wait for it anymore, LOL...to see my favorite couple in a fan meeting since YAB ended has been an ardent wish of mine and thank GOD its finally here..

  2. There is no english in those website... do you have any guideline for foreigners?

  3. AAA... want in Tokyo 16 July...

  4. That's great! Looking forward to it. Whenever PSH and JYH are together, there is lots of fun and entertainment. Plus, they look so loo good together. Feel happy looking at and watching them

  5. I Wish I Could go, I Wish Someone Will Pick Me Up, So I Can Go!! I Am So Envy To Those Who Will Attend!!

  6. why the very short notice? what about us overseas fans? lots of things to do before we can even book for tickets, flights, visa etc... i wanna go... wanna see Shin Hye and Yong Hwa!

  7. Wow! I am so happy that they will be attending the fan meeting together. I hope that there will be a video of the event with English subs shortly thereafter!

    I am watching Heartstrings AGAIN...love Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa together. True friendship like that is priceless. They seem so "right" for each other...so comfortable together.

    To PSHIFC-thank you so much for all that you do. Sharing the latest news with us allows us all to feel a little bit closer to Park Shin Hye, someone we admire and respect.

    Thank you again! :)

    God bless,

  8. Hello! Does anyone know how foreign fans can purchase tickets to the event? I checked out the Get Ticket and Disk Garage links but steps are all in Japanese :( Would anyone know if there are fan clubs that are helping foreign fans get tickets?

    1. You need a Japanese address to register on the ticket site.

    2. Thanks for replying mee :) Would you know how foreign fans can purchase tickets to the event? Will you be going?

  9. i hope i can be there..but i'm in Malaysia..so pity

  10. Whenever PSH and JYH are together, it's like a happy virus is infected in everyone. They are so much fun to watch. Eagerly awaiting the recording of the FM with English subbing. Perfect couple. Perfect match. So talented.

  11. Oh.... Thats very cool and i hope that they will both continue to make some new drama's. It would be nice if Park Shin Hye will have a drama with Kim Hyun Joong or Lee Min Ho.

  12. Wow..finally my wish of a HS FM is here.Thank you to those who made this possible..i really miss YH and Shinhye since its always a joy and fun to watch their interactions..they always make me smile..Indeed, Perfect match, both talented, passionate with their craft and well grounded..

  13. So happy to hear about HS FM, I just love this couple. They're cute, funny and sweet. I can also see the sincerity in their friendship. Hoping for the success of this event...wish I could attend...

  14. Looking forward to the FM in Japan. I am sure we will be watching and talking about it for ever. One never gets tired of them together. How can these two be so adorable and entertaining. Hope it's such a great success that either we have a season 2 of heart strings or they are cast together in another project. Wishing them all the best. Perfect pair that one can imagine.

  15. aigoo ..
    I miss them: * I always wanted to see them side by side :)