Monday, August 13, 2012

ANJell Jung Yonghwa, Park Shinhye, Lee Hongki to bring 'warm encouragement' to Japanese earthquake children victims

Jung YongHwa, Lee Hongki & Park Shinhye will participate in meaningful charity work to encourage the children of victims from Japanese Earthquake last year August 21.

On August 21, the You're Beautiful actors will participate in the 'Hopes, Dreams, Happy Trip to Korea' fundraising event hosted by non-profit organization GFSC at 5pm in Insadong, Jongno-gu Seoul to encourage young victims affected by the Japanese Tohoku earthquake in March last year.

The event will aim at encouraging children who lived in Ishinomaki City of Miyagi Prefecture Japan, the area which was most affected by the earthquake. 80 representatives from that region, including schoolchildren and staff, will attend the event in Insadong on August 21. Park Shin Hye, Lee hongki and Jung Yonghwa will appear as surprise guests at the event to encourage the children and to hang out gifts.

GFSC said the event will be an encouragement from Korea people to the Japanese earthquake victims, and will also aim at promoting tourism as cultural performances and a tour around Changdeokgung Palace, Hongdae and major Seoul areas is included from August 19 to 23.


  1. ~uwaahh i'm so happy this 3 will be reunited again~ *A*

  2. hahaha...i remember the scene for the 2nd pic above, they imitate the famous tae kyung's pout....

    anyway, so glad that they join together for the event....

  3. Awh<3 love her and love Hongki and Yonghwa glad the three BFFs are reuniting lol

  4. This is such great work, coming from our 3 ANJELLs...i'm happy they're reuniting again for such a good cause...
    this is why I love this group, they have such great heart that our young people can emulate...
    Keep up the great work, we're blessed to have someone like you...

  5. wow!! their reunited again the ANJELL for one reason to help the victim of earthquake........ i'm so glad that their making it to make the victim relax and happy.. good to see this group...

  6. Great news! Always good to see them together not only in ceremonies / work but in their daily lives spending time with each others as friends. Brings back good memories of you're beautiful

  7. so inspiring to see that ANJELL join their great hearts to support the victims of earthquake ..

    that's why we love you Shin Hye cause you have a good heart and a pretty face as well..

    this is Miriame Ocaba from Philippines..

  8. Looking forward to lots of photographs, videos and news of the event. Hope JGS can also be there as a surprise.

  9. Why JKS always not aroud when anjell reunited?