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[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa in "韓流ぴあ" Magazine

Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye
Reunited at the FM, after cooperating in 2 drama series, still closely connected

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Due to the previous cooperation between JYH and PSH in YAB, it has garnered great interest in their 2nd drama series - HS. The 2 leads acting as a couple was in Japan to hold a Fan Meeting. Managed to interview them during the free time that they had between the afternoon and night session of the FM. 

Started the interview with JYH alone ~
YH : CNB had a few concerts in Japan, but this is the first time that I am here alone (without the band) for a drama series FM, hence this is something `fresh' for me, and I am very happy.

Q: As this is the 2nd time that the 2 of you are acting together, did you find anything new about each other during the filming of this drama ? 
YH : Nothing much (laughs). As I already understood SH during the filming of YAB, I am able to sense if she is in a good or bad mood by looking at her facial expressions (laughs). I feel that both of us feel the same way, perhaps you can ask SH later. As we are already close friends and understand each other well, I feel that we share greater (tacit) understanding and more connection (in terms of acting and cooperation) this time round.

Q : As an actor, SH is the senior, but as a singer, YH you are the senior. So did you give SH any opinion (tips) on this FM ?
YH : No ... what was more important was that we get to meet after such a long time, and we are very happy. To meet SH in such an event in Japan is something very new for me. SH already has a good voice, plus she has her own unique style, even since YAB days, hence there is no need for me to specially `teach' her anything.

PSH then joins in the interview.
Q : Did the senior singer give you any tips ?
SH : Not at all (laughs)
YH : That's what I said (laughs)
SH : This is the first FM that both of us are attending together, hence I am very excited and am really looking forward to it. Although I was a little nervous, but since both of us are so in tune with each other, it became very interesting and very enjoyable.
YH : I think it was a little more `nerve-wrecking' for me as I have to perform on my own, without the band ...
SH : But YH's voice is very beautiful, he sings well and his expressive eyes are especially charming when he sings, isn't it ?
YH : (shyly) Thank you ~
SH : Lots of girls like YH when he acts (in drama), but I feel that he oozes so much more charm when he sings

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Next, the questions that YH had previously answered alone was forwarded to SH
Q : Found anything new about each other ?
SH : erm ... I always feel that I already fully understand YH since YAB days (laughs)
YH : I answered this way too earlier ! Same ! (laughs)
SH : Its giving me goose bumps (laughs) Since YAB, we were already very close, hence this time round in HS, our tacit understanding and connection was even better ...
YH : Ohhhh ~~ ! We say exactly the same things !
SH : Me too ~ I can know what YH is thinking just by looking at his expressions (laughs) So, if he is planning something mischievous, once I see his `plotting' actions, I already know what he is up to, and i will quickly prepare to `run away' (laughs)
YH : prepare to run away ? (laughs)
SH : basically, its like that everyday (laughs) Also, having gone through the unexpected unhappy events (during filming), it made our bond even stronger !

Q : During the filming one year ago, SH met with a traffic accident
YH : Yes, it gave me a shock ! That day, we actually left work earlier
SH : so the 2 of us went for an injection (to boost our stamina)
YH : both of us were so tired, so we thought that once we finished early, we are able to go home earlier to rest after the injection. Around dawn the next morning, SH's manager called to inform about her accident. After that, we actually added some scenes at the hospital so that SH can rest while she is filming. The script was also amended.
SH : because I could not stand for long period, hence it was usually sitting or lying down scenes
YH : even under those circumstances, SH insisted to continue with the filming. All of us had a hard time insisting that she takes some rests in between
SH : YH came to visit me on the 2nd day in hospital. It was already difficult for YH to come to visit me, yet I cried as it was just too painful. It was the first time that YH had seen me cry (due to pain), and I feel very bad ... YH seems to feel very sorry for me when I was in pain

Q : As fellow actors in the same drama, did your ties (bond) become stronger after this accident ?
YH & SH : definitely

Q : most memorable line from the drama?
YH & SH : You've fallen for me

Q : Any expectation from each other and any (encouraging) words for each other ?
SH : YH has all along been very hardworking , I hope that he always keeps this charming personality. As he is someone who gives his all for everything, I am always worried about his health. For the ever charming YH, please don't be too hard on yourself, just give us your most truthful and original charm ~ I will always be standing by your side, supporting and rooting for you ~ ! fighting !
YH : Just continue to be cheerful and always put in your best into your acting. You have always helped me during the shooting of HS, please also continue to help me in the future ! 

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Q : Lastly, please say something to your fans in Japan ~
SH : Friends who like YFFM, thank you very much. I will continue to work hard to upgrade my acting skills, please look forward to it. Please love YFFM even more, and continue to strongly support SH & YH, thank you.
YH : YFFM is a youth-spirited drama series which also features very good songs, please enjoy it ~ Also, please strongly support Lee Shin and Lee Kyu Won !

CR: Yonghye Bar and laz_15


  1. Beautiful pictures and a very interesting interview. It's really spooky how similar there answers are and how well they know each other. The caring and support they have given each other through the years seems to have really brought them closer and at the same time strengthened their friendship tremendously. perfect couple material. I will watch and read anything with them in it. They are never boring and their interaction is always so enjoyable. All the best wishes to them

    1. I totally agree... I really wish the best for them... individually and more so as a duo ^^ I hope fate and God will guide them to the right path <3 <3 <3

  2. they are so sweet and be with each other..understanding and support each other too..can't they just be a couple..many people will blessed them especially dooliers..i hope for it so much..the way they answer the question are exactly the sweet when yonghwa sees her crying becoz of pain...i want to see his reaction..

  3. how can they be such good friends and not simply love each other? But, we definitely love them together :)

  4. Its a very heartwarming interview from the Dooley couple...
    Although I love everything about the interview but I find her crying in front of YH during her accident, the sweetest part,it was sort of letting her guard down and showing YH her vulnerability. It proved how comfortable and trustful they are to each other, no wonder they became so much closer in Heartstrings. I love the fact that YH, despite his very popular status as an idol, never changes, he's very well grounded especially with Shinhye and he openly talks how appreciative and thankful he is of Shinhye for all the help she extended to him. Aaahh..its a wonderful feeling to see such a wonderful friendship from two wonderful people. I hope that they remain this way and as a Doolier, I pray that my wish for them will come true. May God Bless them more!

  5. I enjoyed this interview!! theyre so cute[; i agree that shin hye crying infront of yonghwa proves that theyre so much closer friends! though id like to see his reaction he's so sweet jeje x). i love how they are both thankful towards each other and im so happy that theyre still super close friends! i hope their friendship lasts and i hope theres more of Yongshin collaborations.

  6. Getting closer ever as years go by and getting similar responses... i hope if they will be for real... yh will be the same. psh needs a guy who could be just natural and never be afraid to care and doted her in front and at the back of the camera. i still could not forget how yh stood in paeksang when psh won the female popular award in movies and followed by a surprise giving of flowers. when in the second award for popularity in tv drama continued to give flowers to psh up on the how sweet and charming!!!

    are they really as friends only? but the sweetness and respect...something you could not deny!!!

    1. i'm agree ! really hope that they relationship not only close friend ^^

  7. i also enjoyed this interview..yonhhwa n shinhye so match each other.why not they become a couple? i'm sure that fans very hope it! dont yonghwa n shinhye falling in love each other? they are same in all things.n i really hope that they will become a couple because shin hye need a guy who can always take care of her like yonghwa.n yonghwa need a girl who can understand him..really hope that..what yonghwa did in paeksang awards very touching me as a girl.if they become a couple ,i'm sure that shin hye will happy in her life.until now i hope they are not close friend only,.and both of they keep they love..really hope that both of they will acting together in next drama..or heartstring continued..and i'm sure that many fans want to see they acting together again :) fighting YongShin a.k.a YongHye !! <3

  8. theyre so effing cute <3:D

  9. just thinking..what happen to both of them if they're not a couple.. try to imagine if one day they each had a boyfriend/gf .. do they can close as now?

  10. If they land up being a couple with someone else, they will definitely miss this particular level of friendship. No matter how much they care for the other person, this type of relationship is not normally seen specially in the entertainment industry. They should not take it for granted but treasure it like something rare and beautiful. But they will be able to have a boyfriend/gf only if that relationship is even better than this one. Honestly, what are the chances of that?

  11. They both project the same wholeness and purity as i looked to the picture... I may have other bet for Park-shin-hye, yet... I have to admit they look so cute together and admirable. I pray the guy I want for Shin-hye would come out a recent picture with her for my heart not to fail... though jyh is not bad at all for a boyfriend...but also worthy for park-shin-hye...

  12. I just want PSH to be happy and really trust her judgement in whoever she chooses as her life partner eventually. Meanwhile, I can't help having my favorites....JYH . They are the best.:))))))))))))))))))

  13. I miss them so much!! I hope and pray for a new K-drama wherein I could once again giggle because of their chemistry. Oh how I wish they were really really real!!

  14. loving how elegant SH is. in terms of how she dress up. keep it up! very modest too! thumbs up!!!! :-D

  15. I very love their good relationships since YAB.
    Always support both YongHwa and ShinHye, Fighting~

    Thanks for their interviewing in Eng. ;))

  16. park shin hye and jung young hwa is a great pair...hope that even years had passed they still have that strong relationship with each other!!


  17. I wonder why they are not in any CF's together since it is so obvious that they have perfect chemistry whenever paired with each other

  18. haaayz i hope YONGSHIN will be given a new drama.. it's so nice that they have a connection that is quite unusual for everyone. They are a very very close friends(?)