Thursday, October 4, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shinhye arrives in Busan like an Autumn Goddess

Actress Park Shinhye arrives in Gimhae Airport of Busan sporting a Autumn Goddess look.

In the morning of Oct 4, Park Shinhye exits Seoul through Gimpo Airport and arrives at Busan to prepare for her Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) schedule.

The actress is spotted wearing a beige trench coat, round oversized shades, black sunhat and black pumps. She will attend the BIFF Star Road event and also the blue carpet commencement ceremony of BIFF Star Road.

Meanwhile, the 17th Busan International Festival will run for 10 days from October 3 to 13 in Busan Centum City, Haeundae, Busan. The festival features a total of 304 films from 74 countries.

[LIVE!] Watch Shinhye live on the blue carpet of BIFF Star Road
Date: Oct 5 2012
Time: 21:00 KST
Live Broadcast link:


  1. Oh wow! thank you for the fast posting of Shin Hye's pictures and the link for tomorrow's event.

    For my Starlight Angel Sisters in the Philippines, don't forget they're an hour ahead so show will start at 8pm Philippine time and blue carpet should be about an hour or so before the start of the show.

    so happy to see Shin Hye out in public again! hope we see lots of pictures of Shin Hye and of Shin Hye meeting up and talking with other celebrity friends!

    1. hi thank you for the updates, how to contact you guy? i hear PSH is going to Philippines I want to see here :)

  2. I agree, Vira65, that we can see her out in the public! She looks as gorgeous as ever in her fall outfit.

    Hopefully she will have a new drama project soon! Have missed her on the small screen. Can't wait to see videos and photos of her on the blue carpet, anticipating her in a beautiful dress!

  3. I always like her understated look. PSH is beautiful here. Nowadays, she is even more well groomed and elegant. Even with plunging neckline and bare back she is classy. Her posture is perfect. Her simple hairstyle , non-blousey dress showcases her slim figure well. I like her makeup here natural without the greasy shiny look. She is looking great. My only wish is to see her wearing other than black. Not because she does'nt look lovely in it but her skin, complexion, age is such that she can do justice to any color. The dress seems to be the evening version of what she wore at HS Japan fan meeting. Do hope to see her in even more streamlined and fresh coloured dress tomorrow.
    She is so perfectly dressed and looking great here when travelling. Just love her trench coat. The dress too is just HER. It's always good too see her happy and smiling. Already looking forward to her other appearances. She has been too long away from public appearances

  4. PSH is one of the lucky actress who looks equally good casually dressed up and formally too. She is charming, youthful and relaxed in these pics.......looking forward to the festival /Busan?.?

  5. I love this style, ShinHye looks very cute and beautiful at the same time. All costumes are nice and match with her natural lovely face. OMO she's so adorable ~

    Feel happy when I see her in public again. Love PARK SHIN HYE So Much <3
    Big Thanks for these pics ;))