Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] Park Shin Hye and Lee Seung Gi Host K-POP Paradise in Okinawa

Park Shin Hye and Lee Seung Gi arrived in Okinawa last Wednesday to host the K-POP Paradise event. The event featured performances from many of the most prominent K-Pop artist in the industry. Not only did Shin Hye co-host with Lee Seung Gi, they also had a little number together. Shin Hye also had a solo dance performance.

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  1. 1.This is how I love to see PSH looking.....her age, stylish and lovely. I love what she or/and her stylist did with her hair, dress and makeup.
    2.Elegant perfect dresses. ( Design, color, the extent of skin exposed, suitability to the occasion, making the most of her face and figure in a graceful manner and most important it's age appropriate)
    3. Both Hairstyles were perfect with the dresses worn.
    4. Her performance was full of life and grace. I can watch her repeatedly specially the interaction with LSG is so cute. They seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves which makes the audience totally enchanted and invested in the performance. Can't wait to seeing the mc part too on the 28th oct

  2. Sexy but not overload!
    Just nice. Love how she dance, smooth, going with the flow, lively and not overpower. You go girl!
    Really want more more more updates, projects from her.

  3. Why is there no video of her dance?
    Magic her dance.)


  4. Shin Hye looks very beauty & sexy in long black glitter dress. She always make me feel excited when look at her! ><

    Seung Gi oppa looks cute too. Wish them come to join together in drama ;))

    1. i love them so much.
      i hope so too that they become together in drama :D

  5. wanna watch shin hye's dance no...kindly REPOST it again.pleaaaaaase:)))))

  6. Shin Hye is beautiful! She really danced gracefully and beautifully. I want to watch her dance number but no video is available...only photos. I'm very happy that she has a new movie, December 23 and a new romcom drama with Yoon Si Yoon, The Flower Boy Next Door... however, both will be shown in 2013. So, we all have to wait. Wish you all the best Shin Hye! We will support you whoever your screen partner will be. Carry on!

  7. Awww...thanks very much for the video! Shin Hye and Seung Ki had a very good chemistry and had done a very good job. I hope they could be together in a drama or movie soon! Shin Hye is so lovely and beautiful!