Thursday, October 4, 2012

[ARTICLE] Film Business Asia's Cyrano Agency Review

Film Business Asia's Cyrano Agency Review: A Belated But Delightful Find

It took more than a year and a half to discover this very nice, commendable review on Park Shin Hye's portrayal of Min-yeong, a review by Film Business Asia that also took its time in getting published, about 6 months after the movie, Cyrano Agency, premiered in Seoul(September 2010) but Film Business Asia isn't your everyday newspaper film critic. 

"Film Business Asia is a film-trade magazine created by Patrick Frater, former journalist for Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Screen International and Stephen Cremin, co-founder of the London Pan-Asian Film Festival.The magazine specifically focuses on the film development and news of the Asia-Pacific region, as well as reviews. Its chief-film-critic is Derek Elley, former resident critic at Variety. In 2011, the magazine launched the Asian Film Database, boasting information on over 45,000 films in the Asia-Pacific region" this from Wikipedia. 

It's straight on review made the critic's commentary on the movie and Shin Hye's work more significant. The movie wasn’t rated 8/10 nor considered as "the smoothest and best written rom-com from South Korea since Scandal Makers" for nothing. It's direction, screenplay, characterization, editing, its solid writing all created a strong, cohesive piece no wonder the movie was a success. 

For those who have no time to read the full review here's the part on Shin Hye's acting…  

"But one of the best performances comes from TV actress Park Shin-hye as Byeong-hun's female colleague: a scene in which she pretends to be Byeong-hun's lover lets her (till then slow-burning) performance catch fire, and the film's neat coda ends things on a satisfying note, building on small character details in her earlier scenes."

Late, yes, but it is a much deserved acknowledgment for a praise-worthy performance. Keep up the good job Park Shin Hye!

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  1. shin hye did nail that part!!! when I was watching cyrano and came to that part, I was like amazed by shin hye's acting

  2. Well deserved praise even if months late hahahaha

  3. It is ok even late ppl know If Park Shin Hye is best actres & talented, I'm really happy as her fans ,she's not just talented but Also have GoldHeart/very kind to other ppl/ her fans, Park Shin Hye keep move up,Faighthing, we allways support you <3<3<3

  4. I'm so proud of you.

    Love SHINHYE forever~