Thursday, November 15, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shinhye to go on Asia Tour in 2013

Actress Park Shinhye has planned a special way  to celebrate her 10th debut anniversary in 2013.

Park Shinhye will be the first Korean actress to hold her own Asia tour. To mark her 10th debut anniversary, the actress has decided to devote it to planning an important event for herself and her fans: an Asia tour.

I n the Korean entertainment, Asia tours are usually led by popular artists like Jang Keun Suk and singer idol groups. It is quite unusual for an actress to go on a tour, but Park Shinhye is determined to break that myth and become the first actress to hold an Asia tour. Hallyu star Park Shinhye, who started out as a child actress in 2003, has grown into an all-round entertainer: acting, singing, dancing, just to name a few.  Since her debut, she has gained high popularity in Asia due to her dramas and movies, and has achieved many awards both at home in Korea and in other Asian countries. Her expertise at MC-ing at awards ceremonies and her ability to liven up an audience are especially commendable.

The Asia Tour will commence in 2013 and it is a special event that Park Shinhye holds very close to her heart, as she will be able to celebrate her 10th year debut anniversary with fans across different Asian countries.

On the 14th, Park Shin Hye said "In the past, I had many events and fanmeetings in Japan. But from next year onward, I will be expanding my activities to other countries and cities of Asia to meet more of my international fans. It will be my 10th year debut anniversary since 'Stairway to Heaven'(2003), so I have decided to do something special."

Park Shinhye will be showcasing her singing abilities in her Asia tour. During her debut as a singer/actor under Korean famous singer Lee Seung Hwan's company, she received professional vocal training from the song-master. Since then, has also received vocal training from talented musicians such as Kim Yeon Woo. She participated in the OST recording of her dramas You're Beautiful (2009), Heartstrings (2011), Don't Worry I'm a Ghost (2012) and movie Cyrano Agency (2010). She also released a digital single, 'Prayer', a song she sang in the drama Tree of Heaven. However, the track was not released in the official OST. Her impressive singing skills are complimented by many.

Meanwhile, Park Shinhye recently took part in SBS variety show Running Man filming on November 12-13 with actor Lee Seunggi. During the filming, Park Shinhye showed 'Incredible Girl' instinct. The game was filmed in Hongdae area of Seoul. Parkshinhye exhibited exceptional sportsmanship and passion in the filming and ran around with all her might. For some time, she also ran out of the range of cameras because she was too fast. The staff expressed "Despite the cold weather (it was snowing), Park Shinhye ran around for the game really fast. She hopped and ran and ran. Among all the actresses that appeared on Running Man, Park Shinhye surely has the strongest strength and stamina." All the cast and crew were  amazed by the actress's passion and the atmosphere of the filming was joyous.

The episode of Runningman will be broadcast on Sunday, November 18, on SBS at 6pm.