Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[VIDEO] SBS Running Man Ep. 121 ft. Park Shinhye & Lee Seunggi (ENG SUB)

SBS Running Man Ep. 121
Airdate: November 15 2012
Guests: Lee Seunggi and Park Shinhye
Venues: SBS Prism Tower (Sang-am dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)
Mission: Prevent the same explosion and eliminate other teams

Subbing credits: All Eng Subbed Running Man videos are subbed and uploaded by KShowNow.net


  1. hahaha its so intense at the end

  2. i'm glad she out-did Seunggi at the end. hehehe...good on her! well done. episode 120, he targetted her when there was someonelse too.

    Good, good Shin Hye...You did well.

  3. I love Shin Hye in Running Man... Before, we only wished to see her in Running Man after seeing most idols having fun being guests in the show. But Shin Hye's episodes with LSG were really good ones... I hope she will appear in more variety shows esp. RM ^_^

  4. Great fun watching RM. PSH could not have been more adorable or cute. Reminded me of why I like her so much. She bravery tackled everything and was a good sport. Never suspected her to be the bad spy. Loved her and LSG. Do hope we get to see them in a drama too.

  5. Wish there was more interaction between PSH and LSG. They are so good together. I watched RM because of PSH but liked him a lot too. It was very enjoyable. The time flies when you are having fun and it certainly did for me :)