Thursday, December 27, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye Heats Up The Dance Floor on “Strong Heart”

Park Shin Hye Heats Up The Dance Floor on “Strong Heart”
On December 25, actress Park Shin Hye lighted up the dance floor on the SBSshow “Strong Heart.” Park Shin Hye made a great imitation of Ga In’s table dance from the singer’s recent hit track “Bloom,” and comedian Park Gyung Lim danced to the song as well as requested by fellow entertainer Boom.
As Park Shin Hye was the first one to go up on stage, she could have been shy to perform, but there was no hint of embarrassment as the actress fired up the stage with her sexy waves and a cute smile.
On the episode, Park Shin Hye also revealed that while she was filming the drama“Heartstrings,” she got injured from a car accident and received 12 stitches on her ear. She also shared didn’t and couldn’t remove a beauty mark from her face because she was too scared, proving that her glowing and porcelain-like skin is natural and surgery-free. 
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