Thursday, December 27, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye's Knees Hurt Before It Rains

We’ve heard our grandparents talk about how their bodies ache when it’s about to rain, but we never expected Park Shin Hye to be able to predict the forecast like this as well.

On December 25, Park Shin Hye appeared in the second part of the Christmas special for SBS’ Strong Heart, where she shared the aftermath of her car accident. 

In 2011, when she was filming for MBC’s Heartstrings, Park Shin Hye was involved in a serious car accident, where her car was badly damaged.

“During the accident, I got a cut inside my ear. I went to the emergency room, but only resident doctors were there. The doctor asked if I wanted to wait for a plastic surgeon to look at it, but I was worried it would get worse, so I asked the resident to go ahead and sew it up,” shared Park Shin Hye.

“When we went to a plastic surgery clinic the next day, the doctor asked who gave the stiches because the cut was really tightly sewn up. It turned out to be a 1 cm cut, but the resident gave me 12 stitches for it."

Park Shin Hye showed gratitude for the resident for paying extra attetion to her and allowing her cut to heal without a scar.

She also shared that her knees were hurt in the accident.

“I was sitting cross-legged in the car while sleeping because I was uncomfortable, so when the accident happened, my knee received all the impact. So these days, when it’s about to rain, my knees start to hurt. 

Although she explained the situation in a bright tone with smiles, netizens couldn’t help but to feel a bit of sympathy for the actress.

They commented, “I didn’t know her car accident was that serious,” “At least she didn’t hurt her face,” and “It’s a good thing it wasn’t worse.”

Credit: enewsworld
Photo Credit: SBS