Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shinhye says, “I think I look better in real life than on screen”

Park Shinhye seems to used to getting compliments about her beauty.

On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on December 18, Park Shinhye was asked, “You seem to be getting more and more beautiful these days. What do you say that?” The actress replied, “These days I’ve been getting those comments a lot.”

She revealed a whiff of her beauty secret. “These days, I work out regularly. I think that makes me healthier and prettier.”

When asked when she thinks she looks better―on screen or in real life, the beauty replied, “I think I look better in real life. That’s what some people said to me when they saw me.”

The actress stood side by side with comedian Park Gyung Lim as she wanted to show how tall she is to dispel rumors that she is short.

Having debuted in Stairways To Heaven as a child actor of Choi Ji Woo’s character, Park said, “Recently, I met Choi Ji Woo in Hong Kong. She was really surprised to see me, saying ‘You have grown up so much! I was really happy to see her after such a long while.”

Credit: Gateway2Korea