Saturday, December 22, 2012

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Transformed into a Winter Girl for InStyle

Park Shin Hye poses for the January 2013 issue of InStyle. She has transformed into a winter girl in this edition, exuding an atmosphere of warmth in winter inspired clothing.


  1. i think she looks as if she is grown up, i mean, she looks more like a gorgeous young woman..our shinhye is becoming a great woman!
    i liked the photos, but it seems that there isn't that look of inocence that she used to have..
    but, she looked pretty and professional
    God bless you, shinhye!!

    from Argentina

  2. She is growing more and more beautiful as years progress...
    i think the innocence is still there...she's more mature now so she's trying to veer away from the 'cute' poses.
    that's why we see a little bit more 'skin' showing but still professional and not vulgar like other k-artists her age or even younger...
    PSH, Fighting!!!

  3. Agreed with the above coments on PSH. As praised by the Strong Heart Programme that she is getting beautiful as day by day. Keep it up SH. We all support you.
    Have a BLESSED MERRY CHRISTMAS with your family & A HAPPY JOYOUSE & PROPEROUS NEW YEAR 2013. May all your dreams & wishes come true. Pray that you will have more Dramas in 2013 and your Asian Tour will be a great success for you.

  4. Innocent, sensual, stylish and classy

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    1. She can portray different character! which proves that she is really a great actress.>_< right now a new Shin Hye can be seen in Flower boy Neighbor.