Saturday, December 1, 2012

[PHOTOS] Shinhye at MAMA 2012

The 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards commenced in Hong Kong on November 30, and Shinhye was honorably invited as one of the award presenters among other Korean and overseas actors/actresses.

During her stay in Hong Kong, Shinhye filmed tVn's popular variety show 'Taxi/ with her upcoming drama's male lead Yoon Shi Yeon. The duo toured around Hong Kong, namely the central business area Central, and they also toured around the famous harbor-front in Tsim Sha Tsui, where the merriest and most extravagant display of Christmas decorations are put up every year.

After that, Shinhye got ready for her red carpet schedule, which was also with Yoon Shi Yeon.

When she appeared on the red carpet, the audience started swooning because she was the most beautiful goddess ever in the red gown she was wearing, captivating the eyes of everyone in the hall.

When asked why she chose the color red, she said because she wanted to be the 'red goddess of beauty'. There a unanimous vote of 'yes' to that wish of hers. Shinhye also mentioned that her new drama will be aired in January through tVn.

For the main show, Shinhye and Yoon Shi Yeon presented the award for Most Popular Male Group (to EXO).

When they were on stage, fans were screaming again because of her beauty. Yoon Shi Yeon joked that she looked different from 'yesterday's filming'. Shinhye said it was because for her drama's role, she was wearing rags during filming, but at MAMA she was well-dressed for the occasion.

Disclaimer: PSHIFC was present at the MAMA as press and thus obtained the official press release photos provided by Mnet. 

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