Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[VIDEO] Park Shinhye Hong Kong interview

During her short stay in Hong Kong for MNet Asian Music Awards and for tvN's Taxi filming, Shinhye stopped for an interview with cable tv channel iCable.

Girl Reporter: Korean actress Park Shinhye received high popularity with her drama role as Go Minam in SBS You're Beautiful.Her acting skills are highly complimented by audience.  Today, the young actress has come to Hong Kong to share her views on the difficulty of acting as a boy in the drama. 

Shinhye: The audience knows that I am acting as a boy in the drama. But if I went too over with my role, the audience would think I was too fake because I am a girl, not really a boy. So it was a challenge for me to try to strike a balance, and try to think about how to act out my role to make it natural and realistic. So to me, grasping the gist of the role was the most difficult. 

Girl Reporter: Because of her role as Go Minam, Park Shinhye has become very famous in Korea and also in Asia. Today, she is in Hong Kong to attend a large scale music awards show. Park Shinhye said she herself did not anticipate the popularity. 

Your role as Go Minam made a lot of big changes in your life. Which do you think is the biggest change?

You're Beautiful was the first drama I filmed after I reached the 20s (age). I did not know that it would become such a hit and I am very thankful to everyone for the support. But I know that fame is fickle and comes and goes easily. So keeping the fame is a very difficult thing for me and I am working hard to keep it up. I hope that I can go to more foreign countries and meet more of my fans. 

Girl Reporter:
Park Shinhye hopes that she can partner with Hong Kong actors/actresses in future projects and try out new things.