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[INTERVIEW] Park Shinhye interviews with SportsNation


"It was short, but remarkable." Park Shinhye says of her role.

Korean movie 'Miracle in Cell No. 7' has caused a popularity whirlwind in the movie industry lately. But there is someone lacking on the movie's promotional posters - actress Park Shinhye who was well-known as one of the movie's lead characters. Why isn't she on the posters? Why did she choose to take the role despite such small appearances in the movie?

To Park Shinhye, rather than being tagged with the adjectives 'actress' or 'idol' of the movie, she would like to think of 'Miracle in Cell No.7' as a 'gift' to her. 

Ever since her appearance in drama 'You're Beautiful' three years ago, Park Shinhye has been involved in projects that are mostly romantic comedies. But she finally got rid of that image in 'Miracle in Cell No.7'. Is having small appearances in the movie important? To Park Shinhye the answer is "No.". "What matters more is what impact my role has on the movie, and whether it can move the hearts of the audience."

"I asked myself, can I really star in the same movie with sanbaes like Ryoo Seung Ryong? Can I? It is an honor to act together with him." Special cast member Jung Jin Yong is also known for his fascinating acting skills. Shinhye, who takes the role as law student Ye-Seung, had the chance to face-off Jung Jin Yong's role in the law court. 

This was Park Shinhye's first time acting in a law setting, and she pulled it off with incredible acting skills. To learn the Law vocabulary, Park Shinhye met directly with Law School graduates to assist her learning. As the court scene calls for a long take, no mistakes were allowed during filming. 

Park Shinhye invitied her parents to the VIP premiere of 'Miracle in Cell No.7'. Her parents, after watching the movie, said to her "You did a great job.". Her grandfather and father both called up their friends to tell them to watch the movie. 

The movie, which talks about a father's love for his daughter, is one that shows the power of a person's heart, is one that warms the hearts of many. 


[INTERVIEW] Park Shinhye interviews with JoinsMSN


Actress Park Shinhye (Age 23) retains a fresh image at all times.
In every project she joins, Park Shinhye shows the vibes and freshness like that of a newbie to the industry, and captures the curiosity of viewers. Although she has been in the industry for 10 years, the ability to retain such ‘freshness’ remains a mystery. In every project she acts in, actress Park Shinhye shows different degrees of minor to major changes to viewers, and nobody can, ever, have enough of her. 

Her recent projects are interesting too. In tvN’s drama ‘Flower Boys Next Door’, she is the clueless yet mysteriously captivating Go Dok Mi; in movie ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, she makes the audience cry with the touching acting skills of hers – she uses her soul and heart to cry. 

Although she is just a supporting character in the movie, her acting has invited the applause of many. ‘Miracle in Cell No.7 has also  surpassed 200 million viewers in the 1st week of its premiere, snatching the title of the most popular Korean movie of 2013 so far. In these 10 years, we have witnessed Park Shinhye’s growth from a Hallyu Queen to a Romantic Comedy Drama Queen.

Why did you choose to take the offered role in ‘Miracle of Cell No.7’?
Shinhye: My manager cried immediately after reading the script. I was curious because he is not the type of person who cries easily, so I read it. I cried immediately after reading it too. So I decided to take up the project. I wondered if I could show a different side of Park Shinhye that is different from previous projects. I took this as a big challenge to try.

Although you do not have a lot of scenes in the movie, you were like taking on a lead role.
Shinhye: I actually filmed a lot of scenes for the character. I filmed 7 times, but nearly all my scenes were cut. Seems like the director cut a lot of scenes. I feel very apologetic about missing out on the early promotions for the movie because of my schedule. The director also sent me a text saying ‘I am very sorry that you are missed out in the limelight.’

You received a lot of praise for your acting skills in the courtroom.
Shinhye: Watching movies and dramas of courthouses gave me a lot of inspiration and help. The presence of sanbaes also gave me a lot of help. My soliloquy in the courtroom, because of my good acting, I received warm praises from sanbaes who were present in the same scene.

Ryoo Seung Ryong sanbae praised you as ‘a very healthy girl with eyes as clear as that of a child’
Shinhye: I am very happy to be praised that way. Ryoo Sanbae is like a father to me, really very very gentle and kind. He told me that I have a very determined heart.

My own father said he cried after watching the movie.
Shinhye: My dad said he actually cried harder watching it for the second time. He said that when he was watching it for the second time, it was like watching a new movie, and he cried harder the second time.

There have been a lot of praises about your acting since the movie premiered
Shinhye: It’s like as if saying ‘Ah, Park Shinhye also has a side like this. It seems like her acting is not all about dramas, but also has an element of imagination. She has shown has that she can also work in a school setting, that kind of image.’

Although you have debuted for 10 years, you are still ‘fresh’ in terms of image.
Shinhye: I am not an actor with a lot of projects. Rather than being an actress, I want to show to my fans ‘the real Park Shinhye’. All this time, I am not going for challenges to try new roles. If I force myself to take on roles as mature adults, it seems like the audience cannot accept that.

Seems like you have the title of being a ‘romantic comedy drama actress’.
Shinhye: To be honest, although it’s a romantic comedy drama, ‘Flower Boy Next Door’ has slight differences from the past ones I acted in. It is very fun and interesting to act as Go Dok Mi. There seems to be some kind of mistake about the title of ‘Romantic Comedy Drama Queen’. I haven’t had an excellent romantic comedy in 3-4 years. Actually, after ‘Stairway to Heaven’, I tried a lot of roles, even evil antagonists. But not musicals, because I feel like, at this age, I cannot grasp musical roles with good understanding. When I was in ‘You’re Beautiful’, I felt like as if I had found a piece of clothing that suits me so well. When people call me the ‘Romantic Comedy Drama Queen’…. I really feel like I am one because people keep on calling me that.

Do you have troubles of being an actress?
Shinhye: New people are debuting all the time, and the dynamic acting industry is changing all the time too. Sometimes I am stressed by the thought of whether I can survive in this industry. But I know that this kind of stress is the same for many people. I can deal with stress quite well. I ride my bike by Hangang River. During summer, I enjoy wakeboarding.

Have you been depressed lately?
Shinhye: Hmm.. during Year 1 in university, I was. During that time, I wanted to enjoy campus life, but actresses of the same year like Go Ara and Kim Bum were very active in the acting industry at that time. So I wondered ‘Can I really just focus on studying?’ Because of that, I was quite depressed for some time.

Have you ever felt saddened by people’s comments about you?
Shinhye: Once, I had a very hurtful conversation with my parents. It made me really sad. Recently, the online comments are mostly about the movie ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’. They’re ok. But sometimes in the morning when I browse the net with my cellphone and see comments about ‘Park Shinhye and Jung Yonghwa dating’, I feel frustrated and think ‘What? Again?’. I’ll throw my phone aside and continue to sleep.

Are you aggravated by the comments about you and Jung Yonghwa?
Shinhye: I feel very surprised by the comments people have about us as the drama has ended for a long time already. During the drama ‘Heartstrings’, people said we looked very good together and mistaken us as a couple. Anyhow, recently I have listened to CNBlue’s new songs, they’re really good. Yonghwa is a talented musician who can act and sing very well.

You are promoting your drama and movie at the same time. Do you feel tired?
Shinhye: I went to the hospital ER this past Saturday. I was filming in a Art Museum at midnight, and suddenly I felt that my body was very heavy. I was saying my lines, and a ping of pain started spreading from my feet to my body.  I saw a blackout. But I thought ‘I cannot just walk away now or I will be a burden to the cast and crew.’ But in the end I was sent to hospital.

Lee Seung Hwan sanbae wanted to train you as a singer. If we rewind time to 10 years ago, would you still choose to be an actress?
Shinhye: Definitely. Now I seems like I have more ambition to work harder and become better. Lee Seung Hwan sanbae wanted to train me as a singer, but my company said I act better than I sing, and they believe that I should be an actress. 

Do you have ambitions of being a singer?
Shinhye: I feel like being an actress can allow me to learn many new things. I learned how to play the gayageum, I learned to ride a horse. As for my passion for singing, I can learn it with the identity of an actress. But if I only become a singer, I think I will be bored by the limitations to learn new things.

What do you want to be in 10 years’ time?
Shinhye: I will be 33 by then. Maybe I will act solemn, serious roles. I want to become a person with ‘Park Shinhye acting’. I still want to act when I turn 50 and 60. When I was little, I thought that if I acted well, sanbaes would say I was cute and would like me. If I become a sanbae in future, I also want to take care of my hoobaes, give them support and determination. 


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[NEWS] Park Shin Hye Endorses Brand SONOVI

Park Shin Hye has been exclusively chosen as the face of SONOVI's 2013 Spring and Summer collection. Sonovi had chosen Park Shin Hye because of her growing popularity among all age groups. As a trend icon, she will be able to strengthen their brand identity and product awareness.

This editorial has a fairy tale feel to it through its used of bright and crisp colors. Park Shin Hye shows off her innocent girl image through a variety of poses and facial expressions that match the outfits she is wearing.

Park Shin Hye is currently starring in tvN's drama, "Flower Boy Next Door" which airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11pm.

Monday, January 21, 2013

[MAGAZINE] Ceci 2013 January issue

Actresses Park Shin Hye and Park Sae Young posed for the latest spread in ‘CeCi‘ magazine, showcasing their doll-like beauty.

Donning matching outfits and the same hair style, the two actresses perfectly portray a set of sweet and girly twins for the February issue.

A representative revealed, “As we planned out the ‘Valentine Special’ pictorial, we wanted to put the two beautifully shining actresses from the two dramas that are currently receiving a lot of love on the cover. Because they are from the same agency, their friendship was evident and created a glamorous pictorial above our expectations.”

Park Shin Hye is currently starring in tvN‘s ‘Flower Boy Next Door‘.

Sources: Ceci Korea, allkpop

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[NEWS] Flower Boy Next Door surprises with scary ratings

tvN's new Monday Tuesday drama 'Flower Boy Next Door' surprises production team with a scary surge in viewership ratings - a high 3%.

Episode 4 of 'Flower Boy Next Door' was aired on the 15th, and its highest recorded ratings was 3.05%, according to national viewership ratings monitoring company TMS. The average ratings for the drama is 2.34%. The drama also received the highest viewership - a whopping 4.76% - from the 10+ to 40+ years old age group of female audience, which made it the #1 most popular drama of the timeslot.

In the episode that aired on the 15th, protagonists Enrique (starring Yoon Shi Yoon) and Go Dok Mi (starring Park Shinhye) goes on a 'farewell trip'. Their rapid relationship progress and first kiss attracted the interest of audience.

'Flower Boy Next Door' bears the vision of broadcasting a drama that showcases 'happy and touching love stories' and thus attracts the wide age group of 10+ to 40+ audience.

Congratulations, Flower boy Next Door!!

(Note: This drama airs on cable channel / pay TV which has a relatively small audience compared to free-to-air TV / public broadcasters (KBS, MBC, SBS, and EBS).

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[VIDEOS] Green Days: Dinosaur and I RAW

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Attends VIP Premiere of "The Gift of Room 7"

Park Shin Hye and the cast of "The Gift of Room 7" attends its premiere in Seoul. Shin Hye plays the daughter of the protagonist in movie. The movie will be released on January 24 in Korea.

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[NEWS] Park Shin Hye, Yoo Seung Ho in So Ji Sub's new MV

Park Shin Hye is joined with Yoo Seung Ho in So Ji Sub's latest music video for his song, "Breathing Lovers." Yoo Seung Ho will play a younger So Ji Sub who's love interest is Shin Hye.

The music video will be So Ji Sub's comeback to the music scene. It's dated to be release at the end of January.

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[LINKS] Stream Flower Boy Next Door Live! tonight

Hello everyone, tonight at 11:00PM KST Shinhye's new drama 'Flower Boy Next Door' will begin its first broadcast on cable tv channel tvN. This is Shinhye's first regular drama series since Heartstrings in 2011 and we at PSHIFC are very excited about it!

We know that you are all anticipating the drama too and would like to invite you guys to watch episode 1 of Flower Boy Next Door live with us tonight!

How to watch it with us?
1. Go to one of the following links using INTERNET EXPLORER

2. Log into the chatbox on our website and chat with our admins and fellow fans during the drama! 

In case you cannot watch it, follow us on Twitter ( )as we will be providing a live feed of the drama tonight ^^. See you at 11!


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[PROJECT] Celebrating Park Shin Hye 24th Birthday

Hello Park Shin Hye Fans!

You are invited to join us in celebrating Shin Hye’s 24th birthday.  
There are two parts to this celebration.

Last year, our hearts melted as we watched Shin Hye changed the life of little Abana in Ghana.  This year for her birthday, we’re following in her footsteps by helping a child.  A child needs our help and we would like to give that help to him or her by becoming a sponsor.  This sponsorship will be in Shin Hye’s name, honoring her for her humbleness, kindness, and gentle heart.

We know that sponsoring a child is a long term commitment, and we are willing to commit our time and effort in helping that child because that’s what Shin Hye would want.  But in order to realize this commitment, your help is needed.  You are invited to help us sponsor this child by contributing to the donation drive.  Donation begins today. You are not obligated to participate/donate. Any amount is welcomed because it’s not the amount that matters, but what’s in your heart.  We want to create as big of an impact in a child’s life as Shin Hye has.

Donation again will be through Paypal. If you don't have an account, it's easy to set up. If you want help setting up one, we will be more than happy to help you.

Deadline to donate is February 15, 2013

You are welcomed to send us gifts/cards for Shin Hye.  We would like to organize all gifts into one cohesive package to represent all her international fans.

Gifts should be no more than 1kg.  Please refrain from sending very bulky gifts as we will send everything together.  Gifts might not be included if they exceed this specification.  Cards can be handmade or store bought in any size.

Please email us at if you plan to send cards/gifts. We will give you the address in which to send to.

The deadline for sending gifts/cards is February 12, 2013

In order for this project to succeed, your help is greatly needed.  You have our greatest thanks and appreciation.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Thank you.


[PHOTOS] "Flower Boy Next Door" Press Conference

Held in Gangnam, Seoul, the cast of "Flower Boy Next Door" attended the press conference for their upcoming drama.

The romantic comedy begins Monday, Januay 7th on tvN. "Flower Boy Next Door" is a 16 episode drama.

(The cast of "Flower Boy Next Door")

(Shin Hye and her boys, Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Ji Hoon)

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