Thursday, January 31, 2013

[INTERVIEW] Park Shinhye interviews with SportsNation


"It was short, but remarkable." Park Shinhye says of her role.

Korean movie 'Miracle in Cell No. 7' has caused a popularity whirlwind in the movie industry lately. But there is someone lacking on the movie's promotional posters - actress Park Shinhye who was well-known as one of the movie's lead characters. Why isn't she on the posters? Why did she choose to take the role despite such small appearances in the movie?

To Park Shinhye, rather than being tagged with the adjectives 'actress' or 'idol' of the movie, she would like to think of 'Miracle in Cell No.7' as a 'gift' to her. 

Ever since her appearance in drama 'You're Beautiful' three years ago, Park Shinhye has been involved in projects that are mostly romantic comedies. But she finally got rid of that image in 'Miracle in Cell No.7'. Is having small appearances in the movie important? To Park Shinhye the answer is "No.". "What matters more is what impact my role has on the movie, and whether it can move the hearts of the audience."

"I asked myself, can I really star in the same movie with sanbaes like Ryoo Seung Ryong? Can I? It is an honor to act together with him." Special cast member Jung Jin Yong is also known for his fascinating acting skills. Shinhye, who takes the role as law student Ye-Seung, had the chance to face-off Jung Jin Yong's role in the law court. 

This was Park Shinhye's first time acting in a law setting, and she pulled it off with incredible acting skills. To learn the Law vocabulary, Park Shinhye met directly with Law School graduates to assist her learning. As the court scene calls for a long take, no mistakes were allowed during filming. 

Park Shinhye invitied her parents to the VIP premiere of 'Miracle in Cell No.7'. Her parents, after watching the movie, said to her "You did a great job.". Her grandfather and father both called up their friends to tell them to watch the movie. 

The movie, which talks about a father's love for his daughter, is one that shows the power of a person's heart, is one that warms the hearts of many.