Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[NEWS] CF Queen Park Shinhye endorses Holika Holika and Enprani

Actress Park Shinhye has become the nation's CF Queen

At the beginning of this year, Park Shinhye started to be the endorser for snacks company Market O, handbag brand SONOVI, youth fashion label JAMBANGEE. 

Her entertainment agency, SALT Entertainment, just announced today that the actress will also be endorsing cosmetics brands HOLIKA HOLIKA and ENPRANI. Park Shinhye will co-model with actor Jung Il Woo. 

A representative of the two beauty brands said "Park Shinhye is a natural beauty with clear, milky smooth skin. She is also the icon of the acting industry and is very popular among young female fans. With her excellent dramas, movies and other projects, Park Shinhye's popularity is celebrated beyond Korea in other Asian countries. Beauty brands ENPRANI and HOLIKA HOLIKA are looking forward to working with this excellent actress in their CFs in 2013."

Recently, movie 'Miracle in Cell No. 7', starring Park Shinhye, has surpassed 900 thousand movie ticketing in South Korea. The actress's drama, 'Flower Boy Next Door' is also enjoying high viewer ratings. 


  1. I'm so happy for her...she has a lot of wonderful projects at the start of 2013...
    and i would love to see her work up close and personal with one of my fave flower boy Jung Il Woo....

    also, isn't she also endorsing another clothesline with that other good lookin' guy from School 2013? Hot!!!

  2. Congrats our Princess SH. So happy for you for Year 2013 so many Projects, Activities. Hope you have more dramas & movies in 2013 as last year only Heartstrings.

  3. congraaatzzz..,2011-2013 is ShinHye's Year!! with many project,acting,and award,i hope you keep healthy :)i'll always support on you

  4. I am delighted to hear the news and more than that I am so happy for her. It's a well deserved title marking her 10 years in the entertainment industry. In just the first two months she has put her stamp as an actress of great stature in film and drama and now as the leader in CF industry. The year has not yet ended. May God bless her with continued success, health and happiness.
    Congratulations! Park Shin Hye.

  5. Congratulations Shin Hye!

    You're worthy to be a "model" because of who you are. Your kind of person is so rare especially among celebrities.

    As a fan, I am so proud that you are an excellent actress who can have super high ratings in viewership because of your excellence in your craft - and not because you undressed yourself before the camera, nor had torrid kissing scenes, nor relied on the popularity of co-stars.

    The years of being yourself, with good values, finally paid off.

    I congratulate your parents who raised you well. and also your manager jun who directed you to walk the right path.

  6. Shin Hye

    Good job! Good job!

    You're now 23. You are becoming sexier every day. Surround yourself with good people because there are vultures around ready to pounce. Be discerning always!

  7. I hope her company will not accept an offer for her to be a centrefold in an adult magazine nor underwear modelling job (very revealing undies). Its big money, but I hope they will not be lured by dollars. Because once they sign, its a contract and there's no going back for Shin Hye. Money talks and there are dirty old men around. I'm actually scared.

    I will hate them if they do.

  8. Just an observation. Salt is spreading Shin Hye's sexy pictures but not her excellence in acting. Psh has several pics from the photoshoot which Salt can promote. Is Salt Entertainment pimping her? It seems like with those sexy pics they are spreading they are telling sponsors that her body is for sale. I don't like the message that Salt is conveying. Obviously Salt is pimping her.

    1. I believe you have totally wrong observation or you didn't really read a lot of Shin Hye's news recently.

      Salt has sent out her Birthday Fan meeting with sports attire on. She were wearing winter woolen clothes for other interviews.

      Those sets of photos are advertisement to promote her endorsement of that brand of jeans (to be specific). Nothing is revealing but just showing the other side of Shin Hye and what she can be, innocent, sexy and cute at the same time.

      In every single articles/news, Flower Boy Next Door and Miracle in Cell No. 7 are mentioned to promote her excellence in acting.

    2. If you don't like her (PSH),just get lost ! one comment like yours won't make sun stops shining to her natural beauty ....

  9. I hope Shinhye will always have a final say to what extent the agency can go. I wish her a scandal free untarnished life in the entertainment industry. Whenever I hear any scandalous news about other artist....I pray to God that she is protected from all that.

  10. keep moving forward princess PSH !!!