Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[NEWS] CF Queen Park Shinhye endorses Holika Holika and Enprani

Actress Park Shinhye has become the nation's CF Queen

At the beginning of this year, Park Shinhye started to be the endorser for snacks company Market O, handbag brand SONOVI, youth fashion label JAMBANGEE. 

Her entertainment agency, SALT Entertainment, just announced today that the actress will also be endorsing cosmetics brands HOLIKA HOLIKA and ENPRANI. Park Shinhye will co-model with actor Jung Il Woo. 

A representative of the two beauty brands said "Park Shinhye is a natural beauty with clear, milky smooth skin. She is also the icon of the acting industry and is very popular among young female fans. With her excellent dramas, movies and other projects, Park Shinhye's popularity is celebrated beyond Korea in other Asian countries. Beauty brands ENPRANI and HOLIKA HOLIKA are looking forward to working with this excellent actress in their CFs in 2013."

Recently, movie 'Miracle in Cell No. 7', starring Park Shinhye, has surpassed 900 thousand movie ticketing in South Korea. The actress's drama, 'Flower Boy Next Door' is also enjoying high viewer ratings.