Thursday, February 21, 2013

[PHOTO] Interview Photoshoot with


  1. Lovely as always. Would love to read the interview too.

  2. This is how I love her best.....with natural look and hair......her glowing and fresh skin. This is much preferable to the so called sexy image and contrived, exaggerated poses. Though Shin Hye can carry any look with perfect ease and look great.

  3. unnie. blue suits you. read thst fbnd ia very popular in china. i am so happy. i love you since you're beautiful and i was in university then. unnie i am now a solicitor.

    unnie,before you sign any contract always read and understand each clause. if there are vague words and paragraphs always have these clarified and reworded. do not sign anything if you have any questions. every line must be crystal clear too you. dont sign any contract without seeking advice from your parents and legal advice. doing so will mitigate legal risks you might encounter.

    wishing you good health and more blessings. ill be watching and be happy reading about you in my legal office and in-between boring meetings.

    all the best in your. fm and studies - you inspired me and here i am pursuing my masters in law.


    1. What a good advice. You are truly a sincere and loving fan! Congratulations on becoming a lawyer and hope you do well in your chosen profession just as Shinhye is doing in hers. :)
      I find Shinhye very inspiring too.

    2. Park Shin Hye must have something that attracted to you ,who has a respectable profession. So happy for her.

  4. Ms. Shin Hye you look happy and you have rings, ate these accessories only or are you engage? If you are engage I am envious because I am 28 and I do not have s suitor. Dok Mi is a hermit and 2 guys love her. I am opposite of Dok Mi. What is secret of Dok Mi?


    Shin Hye's movie surpassed 10 million viewers.


  6. It also became the first Korean film to hit the milestone this year, just four months after the costume drama "Gwanghae: the Man Who Became the King" starring Korean heartthrob Lee Byung-hun had surpassed the mark.

    Well done Park Shin Hye and Team!!