Monday, February 18, 2013

[PHOTOS] PSHIFC Christmas and Birthday Gifts

It's February 18, 2013. And this is a very SPECIAL day! It's our Park Shin Hye's 24th birthday. Happy birthday, pretty girl! We are PSHIFC would like to wish a great and wonderful birthday for our special girl. As always, she brings joy and happiness into our hearts and inspires us to extraordinary lengths. We couldn't be more proud to be her fans.

As following our tradition of giving back on Shin Hye's birthday, this year we've asked many of you to help donate for our SPONSOR A CHILD project. We have sponsored a child in Shin Hye's name. He is a little boy of four years. We hope to have a great positive impact on him and to help him grow into a beautiful and healthy boy.

And also following tradition, we've bought a S-disc pendant from Tiffany and Co. This follows our other Tiffany gifts we've given her throughout the years. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every one of you for your kind kind hearts. We couldn't have done this without your undying love and support. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Everyone was probably wondering what we got her for Christmas. We got her and Manager Jun necklaces from Marc Jacobs, some flannel pjs from Victoria's Serets, a CMG bag from the Philippines, and some chocolates for her and her family, and always cards from us and you wishing her a very merry Christmas. 

Again, our great appreciation to everyone who donated.