Sunday, February 17, 2013

[SALE] Uni-Tee for a Cause *updated with shipping costs*

Join us in Park Shin Hye International Fan Club's biggest project ever - Uni-Tee for a Cause!

With Shin Hye's Manila FM just a month away and her birthday just around the corner, PSHIFC launches its newest and biggest project to date. As you all know, we have launched the donation project for our annual charity event. Since Shin Hye is kicking off her Asian Tour with the Manila FM this coming March, we have made the donation more meaningful.

This project gears towards two major objectives:
1. Building our fund for the child we are sponsoring thru Save the Children Foundation, and;
2. Uniting fans from all over the world with one of PSHIFC's brands

How the Project Works
For every  10USD donation you make, you are entitled to one:

(1) PSHIFC Uni-Tee - a t-shirt specially designed by PSHIFC for its members who donate for the charity project. The t-shirt comes in 4 sizes:
                      S   - 18 inches shoulder-to-shoulder width
                      M  - 20 inches shoulder-to-shoulder width
                      L   - 22 inches shoulder-to-shoulder width
                      XL - 24 inches shoulder-to-shoulder width


2) a PSHIFC membership card with your name on, each donor will receive a PSHIFC membership card with personalized name and membership number printed on. 
(card front)

Shipping and Taxes Information
Here are the estimated shipping costs for various countries:
- Philippines: $1 -2 USD
- South-East Asian Countries: $3-5 USD
- Other Asian Countries: $ 5-7 USD
- Americas/Australia/New Zealand/Europe: $7-10 USD
- All other countries: Information wil. be provided on request

We ship to all countries and destinations worldwide. Shipping will take a minimum of 2 weeks. If the cost of shipping is lower than our estimated costs, we will return the excess fees to you. We will send you a copy of the shipping receipt as proof.

As for taxes, usually taxes are not charged. But sometimes, the immigration of some countries might request the buyer to pay country taxes. In those cases, the buyer is responsible for paying the taxes.

Paypal: Please enter the total amount of the tee plus shipping. When you transfer, PLEASE PAY THE TRANSFER FEE!! If you do not, your payment will be inaccurate!

Bank Transfer: Those living in the Philippines can pay through bank transfer. Information on this is coming soon.

Pay in person: If you are attending the FM and will pick up your tee shirt, please pay then.

How to order?
It's easy. Just fill in this form:
(If you cannot view the form, please go to this link: )
*Orders will close on February 28 2013. 

Anyone is welcome to contribute in this Tee Project. Please take note, though, that since proceeds will go to the charity project, shipping fees and other charges (taxes, custom taxes, etc.), will be shouldered by the donor. We will give you an estimate cost for shipping expenses once we get your accomplished order form.

We also encourage donors who are attending Shin Hye's Manila FM to please wear the shirt on March 16. This is also a way for us to identify our members and donors who will be there. We would like to personally thank you for always backing us up, especially for this worthy project.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all for your unwavering support. PSHIFC, Unite!