Friday, March 22, 2013

[ENG SUB] KBS Guerilla Date starring Park Shin Hye


  1. The more you see her, hear her talk and get to know her......the more you like her. I love the fact that she remains unaffected and humble inspite of being showered by love from everyone. So sweet of her to actually apologize to the mother of the girl who found her more beautiful than her. :) I also liked it that she picked a family focused person as her ideal partner in life. Shows how firmly entrenched in reality she is. She really comes out as such a warm affectionate and sincere person . This is why I love her interviews because I get to know her more. Everyone who meets her really has such good things to say about her. Her parents raised her well.

  2. The part where she apologies to the girl's mom is hilarious! yet shows what a respectful person she is. humble, beautiful and true at all times. fighting, princess!

  3. She's one interesting thing.
    You just can't get enough of her. The more you look at her, the more you're attracted to her.

    She is the 'IT' girl. Sure, she has special charm. The more you get to know her, the more interesting she is.

  4. Even though YAB was almost 5 years ago, JKS still be linked to her.

  5. Though im a silent fan of her, i think i need to get out of my cave and become more visible to other fans..hihihi

    Hi to all!

    Our shin hye must be tired because of the asian tour, but we know in our heart that shes enjoying it.
    She came in my country Philippines, but too bad i wasnt able to come..but i know theres still a chance that she will get back here enjoy the beaches and how the filipinos love her and like her. There no more words how i explain what type of person she is, she's beauty inside and out.

    Lets pray for the successful asian tour and good health.