Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye's transition from a child to a grown-up in 10 years

When talking about the topic of sexiness, Park Shin Hye said ‘I don’t want to be sexy for now.’ Entering the industry as a child star, the young actress is becoming sexier and sexier, which officially ends the stage of transition from a teenager to an adult. Usually when an actor/actress begins his/her career as a child star, he/she does not get popular until becoming an adult. But for Park Shin Hye, this is not the case.

 Recently tvN’s drama ‘Flower Boys Next Door’ has ended, Park Shin Hye said ‘I am active in my career, but I am only 24 years old’, and then she laughs genuinely with the face and heart of a 24-year old girl. ‘My character in the drama has allowed me to mature and grow as a person.’

Like other child stars, Park Shin Hye experienced childhood as a young celebrity. Her debut drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’ (2003) earned her great popularity. ‘At that time, I could not appreciate my fame. I treated it as a burden, as there were many non-existent rumors about me. I had the feeling that I was a burden to my friends who were hanging out with me. I experienced being hurt and I was scared.’

In the 10 years after ‘Stairway to Heaven’, Park Shin Hye has starred in over 20 acting projects. However, Park Shin Hye said that ‘Stairway to Heaven’ has a very special place in her heart, and she will always treat it as a target.

As a former child star, what advice does Park Shin Hye have for her juniors? ‘Enjoy school life.’ Whe I was in school, I played with my friends, went shopping, slept when I was tired, got scolded by teachers, had exams …and my best friends in life are also made when I was in school. I like people who treat me genuinely as a normal girl, not as an actor. Whenever one drama ends, the withdrawal effect impact is so huge on me. And thankfully, I have my friends to fill in the gaps of loneliness, and pull me back to reality.’

In the drama ‘Flower Boys Next Door’, the cocooning lifestyle of Go Dok Mi has a strange resembelence to Park Shin Hye’s own life. Through the interaction with Enrique Geum (Starring Yoon Shi Yoon), Oh Jin Rak (starring Kim Ji Hun) and others, Go Dok Mi finally overcame her obstacles and re-entered the real world.  ‘Some people assumed that I purposely tied to get rid of my former image through acting as Go Dok Mi. It’s not true. In my opinion, I think I could show a more natural self-image through portraying as Go Dok Mi.’

Through Go Dok Mi, Park Shin Hye has also learned how to regain trust in others. ‘I had a realization on how to interact with people, establish relationships, and how to overcome the problems in human interaction. I learned how not to give myself stress. Go Dok mi taught me how to smile, and to treasure people around me.’ Park Shin Hye was there to ‘look over’ the growth of Go Dok mi and gave her encouragement. She is happy to see Go Dok Mi’s growth, as Dok Mi’s growth reflects her own growth.

Go Dok Mi’s loud yelling scenes have made an impression on Shin Hye. ‘The scenes of Dok Mi yelling “Get out now!!” at Enrique and shouting her true feelings at Do Hwi are especially memorable, as Dok Mi has few emotional outbursts. ‘

Because of Dok Mi, Shin Hye said ‘It was as if I met the Park Shin Hye from 10 years ago, depressed and hurt by friends. But because of Go Dok mi, I had the feeling that “Ah, I have finally grown up”.’

At last, Park Shin Hye hopes to tell Dok Mi: ‘Dok Mi, are you having a happy life with Enrique? I hope that no matter what obstacles and difficulties you experience, you can overcome them with your unique methods. I hope that you can be happy with Enrique, and write a fairytale book that you have always wanted to.’

In future, Park Shin Hye said she would like to challenge herself by taking on  ‘action’ and romantic’ dramas. ‘I want to star in movies like Angelina Jolie’s “Tomb Raider” and “Salt”. It looks cool. For romantic ones, I want to star in a sad love story.’

Knowingly, when choosing a new drama/movie, Park Shin Hye will do the project selection herself by carefully screening the scripts. ‘I will not take on a lot of drama/movie projects just to show the audience that I participate in a lot of acting projects. Instead, I will prepare myself for roles that match my personality and age.’