Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[NEWS] Park Shinhye is a diligent 'ghost student', GPA 3+

Recently, actress Park Shinhye is a busy bee. As her movie 'Miracle in Cell No.7' exceeds 12 million views and her drama 'Flower Boys Next Door' became a huge hit, she has been bombarded with all kinds of CF and interview invitations. One may ask, how's her school work?

Today, 'ghost student'(referring to celebrities in Korea who attend often miss classes because of busy schedules) Park Shinhye sits down at a cafe in Seoul's Samcheongdong with e-news and talks about her school life.

During the interview, a reporter asked 'Working and going to school at the same time is not an easy task. Do you feel tired?' She replied: 'To be honest, I haven't been able to work to my best ability in both areas. In the past, I made adjustments to my school schedule so I could handle school and work. But for Flower Boys Next Door, I started filming right after my midterm exams, so it was quite hard for me.'

Park Shin Hye entered Chungang University's drama and cinema program in 2008, and she is now in her senior year. She has postponed her graduation due to her busy schedule. However, she is able to achieve an excellent grades with GPA 3+, which has attracted the attention of netizens.

'I am very hardworking when it comes to school work, and my management is not very pleased about it. But my school life hasn't been affected at all despite my busy schedule. When I'm in school. I have to stay up all night working on my homework, and I can also produce shows and performances with my friends, eat snacks and do everything that a college student does.'

In addition to that, Park Shinhye said: 'Now, I have to work hard towards graduation to be a good role model to my juniors. I am working on my graduation thesis, and preparing for my Asia Tour fanmeetings. It's stressful, but I really like university life. I really, really want to finish my university studies and graduate on time.''


  1. Keep it up SH. Support you and always pray that you will be very success in everythings you do.

  2. Do your best, girl!
    You can do it. Just concentrate on the things right in front you eyes. Believe me, i've ever in your place before, so i know how it feels for you. Dont bother any little things or even boys things for your hectic schedule. Focus and keep moving forward. You're gonna be proud and contended with your self.
    Btw, i like your fashion taste. Cute and classy. You rock girl.

    Dont change yourself even for getting handsome flower boy, sorry for giving such a harsh advice. I just kinda amused to see how confident you are with just the way you are.

    Two thumbs up for you.
    Good luck!

  3. Shinhye must be extremely good at time management along with being a hard working intelligent student to get a 3 plus at the university level. I admire her dedication towards her commitments. .....may it be work, studies, family or friends. May you always be healthy, happy and successful

  4. Good girl and good job! Make your fans proud!

  5. Best of luck. Like always we are behind you. Hope you will be successful in all your endeavours. Thank you for the past few months of watching and enjoying your drama and other stuff related to you. It must have been tough for you but great for us your admirers.
    Please take care of yourself

  6. Good Job darling... we proud of you,i hope u can get whatever u wish!! (best student,best actress,and best entertainer)
    keep healthy and successful in the future :)

  7. woah!!!! DAEBAK!!your the best shinhye unnie..keep it up..:D

  8. You're such an admirable girl unnie Shin Hye. I want to cry. Yes, we should all finish our university degree - get a diploma, get a decent job, and just be a fan of Shin Hye. Then we can go to her fan meetings, watch her movies, buy her CDs etc...but we won't have the financial capability to do all these if we are unskilled and unemployed.

    Unnie Shin Hye, I'm so proud of you. I watched you in You're Beautiful and admired you since then. I am now an intern in medical school and I too have very good grades. It inspires me to know that my idol is sincere in finishing her degree in university.


  9. But, I am disappointed with Shin Hye's management. So they want to enslave her to bring in their financial resources to them? Education is also very important and Shin Hye's success in her studies is solely for her - they won't benefit from it.

    tsk tsk tsk...SALT, are you sure you want the best for Shin Hye? or are you just one of those who can see Korean Won plastered all over her?

    she can juggle work and school. all you have to do is properly manage her schedule so she can finish her studies and not just think of yourselves. That's very unprofessional of you.

    To SALT: Shin Hye's fans worldwide are knowledgeable men and women, professionals too. Some are accountants, nurses, doctors, statisticians, lawyers, marketing specialists, engineers, etc... we all want the best for Shin Hye. So have two other artists under your wing - Park Se Young and Kim Jung Hwa - they can financially support you too.

    1. We love Shinhye and yes there are diverse fans of hers all over the world who are extremely proud of her. But, sorry I slightly differ with your opinion. I feel that Shinhye is not a child anymore but a smart young lady who knows what's good for her and can make a stand for her rights. You very rightly pointed out that she has been extremely busy working and also studying hard in the university. I do hope she stays healthy and happy always.
      This is a wonderful recognition from a renowned Korean director Kim Ji-woon. It's a short movie and working with him in this project will be a great learning experience that any young actror would treasure. I am sure Shinhye must be excited about it. I would sincerely like to believe that this film is not being taken by her for any other reason except her wanting to do it without pressure from anyone.
      It's worth looking up information about the director, Kim Ji-woon in the encyclopaedia. It made me understand why Shinhye would love to work on this particular film. It also made me proud and excited for her that a world renowned Korean director thinks this way about her.
      Wish her health, happiness and success in anything she decides to do.
      Congratulations, Shinhye. Please take care of yourself.


  11. that is my KOREAN DARLING.. keep it up princess..

  12. hye fans would you agree if we giving a title 'KOREAN DARLING' to Park shin hye? it mean a full package of actress,beauty,intelligent multitalented,and kind..she deserved a title...

  13. Hi! Shin Hye I really like your Korean Drama Heart Strings & You're Beautiful .. Please save my name as your fan ... Thanks .. We Love You Park Shin Hye .. :)) Keep it up ..

  14. Parks Hin hye, even though you probably don't know any of the above peoples... they contain one message

    WE LOVE YOU AND HOPE U DO GREAT IN UNIVERSITY. Stand up for yourself and make everyone proud. I can barely wait for BOF to come out. THXXX for being amazing and so pretty. Love You

  15. eres muy linda encerio...felicidades

  16. I am your #1 fan! Keep it up PSH!