Thursday, March 14, 2013

[NEWS] Park Shinhye, Yoon Kye Sang couple up for Kolon Sports 40th anniversary mini movie

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of KolonSports special program 'Way to Nature Film Project part II', a mini-movie named 'Love of Rock, Paper, Scissors' directed by Kim Ji Yun has announced its main cast: actress Park Shinhye and actor Yoon Kye Sang.

'Love of Rock, Paper, Scissors' is Korea's famous director Kim Ji Yun's first romantic comedy, and with its strong cast of Park Shinhye and Yoon Kye Sang, has attracted a lot of attention.

In the mini-movie, Yoon Kye Sang will portray a funny man who keeps trying but fails at each relationship attempt. With his cute personality and silliness, he tries to win the heart of Park Shinhye, who plays the role of an ideal woman.

When interviewed, director Kim Ji Yun said 'When I was invited to direct this mini-movie, the first actor that came to mind was Yoon Kye Sang as he is the one whom I think can best portray the emotions needed for his character. Also, I have chosen Park Shinhye as she is an actress with talent and charms. Especially her eyes, they are so beautiful. I am curious about what she can express with her eyes.'

The mini-movie is scheduled to release at the end of April, both online and offline.


  1. Oh my god..
    Love love love youuu, shin hye..
    My eyes didn't deceive me the first time i laid my eyes on you.
    I felt something abt her. Eventhough her role in YAB as girl dressed in boy's outfit, she attract me. I didnt know what or how, but instead of 3flower good looking boys in YAB, she's the one who capture my eyes and stole my heart at the moment.

    She is really something. I like her project choice, every project that she chose is unique even its just drama, cf or movie.

    Can't wait for newest project.

  2. Wow congrats SH. So happy that you have more & more Project, activities and really looking forward to the above mini movies. Really hope that you have more & more movies & dramas 2013. Always support you.

  3. Congraatzz shinhye... really can't wait this movie! it's a difference role for her? look,many director really interested invite her just because her acting...
    we proud of you,shinHye!!

  4. Congrats! I am so happy and excited to read the news. It's such a coincidence that I feel exactly the same about Shinhye's eyes. FBND showed how much she can express different emotions through her eyes only without even uttering a single word. One of the reasons that I love watching is her beautiful expressive face. I am glad she is choosing her projects well. Looking forward to this movie too. All the best and success with this one too.

  5. Good news. Very good pairing. Flower boys move over, here comes the real man with real acting. Expecting much from them.

    1. Daebak. Superb. I dont care flower boys or not, but honestly prefer the actor with super acting power to be her partner. So, she can learn more and have more experience.

    2. Actually, he seems like a flower boy too.....very good looking and a good actor too. All the casts in FBND acted extremely well in my opinion. They made it a wonderful drama to watch . This film cannot be compared in any way except that Park Shin Hye will be int it working under a famous director with many awards under his belt. I love how he praised her. :)

  6. I loveeee///love...anything with Park Shin Hye in it! I rewatch all her dramas and films I can get my hands to. It's my destressor. This project seems like a winner too. It's wonderful that many noted and award winning directors recognize her talent. Thank you PSH_IFC for your hard work in bringing news to us about our princess. Fighting!

    1. Totally my sentiments too. How does she do everything so well. For me 24 hrs don't seem enough to complete everything and here she not only do her work, study and play extremely well with such a positive attitude. Have to love her. Stay well, Shinhye.

  7. aww... they will have good chemistry but KYS can skip any rumours with PSH since he already has girlfriend..Miss Korea (Honey Lee)...

  8. I would like to share a must watch very interesting interview of Kim Jee-woon, the first Korean director to direct a film in Hollywood and who will be directing this mini movie. He says that he would like to be remembered as,
    "A director who captured people's facial expressions on film most beautifully. The mysterious facial expressions that are shown on certain occasions are very alluring and captivating. For me it was always people's mysterious facial expressions that I found painful at times and inspiring at others. That's the reason I began directing movies. I want to capture people's expressions most beautifully. And by 'beautifully,' I mean I want to capture the moments that inspire and move people in a beautiful way with depth."
    What an impressive person!
    Keeping these sentiments in mind I felt that its a big compliment to Shinhye when he says ,
    "............her eyes, they are so beautiful. I am curious about what she can express with her eyes."
    I have full faith in Shinhye's acting abilities that she will not only be able to show her extensive array of emotions through her eyes but at the same time fulfill the expectations of a director of his stature. It will be a wonderful learning experience to work under a director like him who thinks like an artist. I am so excited for this opportunity for her to become a progressively better actress with each project. I look forward to this mini drama with even more anticipation than before.
    Note: it's worthwhile to see the interview on showbiz. Impressive Director !

  9. I will be impatiently waiting for this because of the director behind this cast. A good director can bring out the best in the actors. I would love to see Shinhye's performance under his guidance because I feel that she has grown to be an actress who can fulfill any role under the right circumstances.......the director, script and the acting. This particular project seems to have it all.
    All the best Shinhye!

  10. Can't wait to watch it!