Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Park Shinhye & Kim Ji Hun attends G.I. Joe II VIP Premiere

On March 11, Shinhye attended the VIP premiere of G.I. Joe II with 'Flower Boy Next Door' costar Kim Ji Hun. The duo had a lot of movie fun together and Shinhye tweeted the following after the premiere:

'Ah headacheㅠㅠ. Today I went on a movie date with Mr Jin Rak ㅇㅅㅇ Wore 3D glasses so happy keke'
아 머리아퍼ㅠㅠ 오늘 진락씨랑 영화데이트했어요 ㅇㅅㅇ 3D안경쓰고 신났음ㅋㅋ


  1. I admire Shinhye's loyalty towards friends. She always stands by them irrespective of rumors. She went to JGS Tokyo dome concert where she was the only female, she talked to Lee Hongki on lyrics music program and praised Ftisland and Cnblue in an award ceremony, sent texts to all whenever needed including Lee seung gi on his return album success and reiterating close friendship with Jung yong Hwan despite repeated dating rumors.
    She is always openly sincere with friends. One of the many traits that I admire about her.

  2. I was totally rooting for the DokMi/JinRok fairing in FBND...so i was truly happy to see them together out on a movie date even after filming....
    They look so good together and seem genuinely happy to be together...
    they're both loveable..
    now, does this mean that Kim JiHoon is openly courting our sweet Shin Hye? why not...they're both single...
    if he makes her happy I'm all for that! and he's HOT!

  3. Some people complaining about her fashion here. But for me she looks just right for a casual date out. She looks cool!
    Me too. I was SO happy to come upon seeing these photos. They both look duper super happy. And I can't believe they actually look cute too. So far in my eyes she only looks cute with Yonghwa and Yonghwa only. JiHoon changes my mind. Since Yonghwa too busy, see Shinhye as same gender friend, or doesn't have the gut to move forward. Honestly, how can you call yourself a man when you want a girl to ask you out first? I wish JiHoon would step forward and take her.

    1. i agree w/ u, she looks very happy,relax and enjoyed there. i think after this drama,they seem close each other. So i think JiHoon one step ahead rather than YongHwa :) *poor yongHwa

  4. i watch this on youtube, she looks so happy and enjoyed here. i think she's very friendly and warm w/ all co-star at her movie and after FBND,now she looks very close w/ KJH.i hope in the future, they get together project again.

    1. That what i wish for.
      Probably another project with Kim Ji Hoon in the future? Juz like wif Yonghwa before.

      And it seemed KJH is more genuine. Maybe being older does make difference in someone's attitude, for some cases :)

      I dont know why, but felt that shinhye and jihoon have more deep vibe compare to shinhye and shiyoon. I'm not saying shiyoon chemistry is not as good as shinhye, in the drama shiyoon and shinhye had strong chemistry, but not in off screen :)

      That's what i felt.

      So, whatever relationship shinhye has with jihoon right now, i support them. We dont know what happen behind camera flash, but so far they both are seemed happy and enjoying each other company.