Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shinhye's photoshoot with Star In


  1. shinhye yaa, is that your real hair? it's getting longer and you look sooo beautiful...

    1. Yes, even the wigs and switches look real on her. FBND hairstyle was sooo real. I thought she had loose perm done but it turned out to be wig. I am glad because perm and harsh treatments really weaken hair. With her in a different role every time, it makes sense to use wigs. She really chooses them well. But this is totally hers. :)
      No matter what she always looks lovely.

  2. Just beautiful. Can never get tired of looking at her. She reminds me of the doll I used to love dressing up. She looks great in all and everything suits her. Love her hair and red color of her dress.

  3. forever beautiful shin hye..

  4. Red is her charming
    Looking more beautiful in red

  5. How flawless her skin. I love the way she uses her makeup. Not too much. It just points towards her naturally beautiful features.