Monday, March 18, 2013

[VIDEO] 130316 Kiss of Angel Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Philippines

Opening, Singing 'Lovely Day'


Describing her ideal man:

Playing games with fans:

Dancing Medley:

Singing 'Pitch Black'

Singing 'KAILAN'



  1. Go Dok Mi, Congratulations for successful FM, and Thank you..- Deriada, Jonathan

  2. may i request a fansign, because i didnt make to go to PSH's fan sign
    pls.- "jonathan"

  3. Screams are all i heard.. I havent heard shin hye and the interpreter's voice clearly.. NICE though.. :)

    1. Same here. All I can hear are screams. So I can't truly appreciate the question and answer portion. If someone can post the questions and answers - I prefer to read than watch the video.

      Thank you in advance.

  4. Although I am not from Phillipines but on watching Shinhye sing their song "Kailan" so beautifully in her melodious, soothing voice, seeing the audience response and reading their comments .....I was so moved that found my eyes watering. I then thought of her as a real singer and an artist to have brought such emotions from me. It must have taken so much personal effort to prepare that song just because she loved her fans enough to give it as a gift specially since she does not know the language. I have listened to the song so many times now that I love it. Going to look up the meanings now.
    You are really such a special person, Shinhye. I am proud to be your fan.

    1. Hi, like you I was also touched hearing Shin Hye singing the song Kailan. She gave justice to the song. Hope she can record it.

      Kailan means when. The song tells about the feelings of the person who always sees the one she loves but that person doesn't know that she exist. She follows him everywhere and doing anything for him to notice her but he doesn't even look her way. So she's asking what she should do and When (kailan) will he notice her and when he will find her secret that she likes him a lot.

      It's a very cute song and really fits the voice of Shin Hye. I really love Shin Hye and Yong Hwa. They look good together. :)

    2. Thank you! Appreciate your time and effort to let me know the meaning of the song.
      Very touching scenario ....such sad and sweet emotions but not without hope. So befitting the melody and her sweet voice.
      Music and art does transcend all barriers of language and cultures. Just like human emotions that are felt by everyone alike irrespective of their country. It brings us all together on one platform. That's yet another reason why I admire artists like Shinhye that they play such a uniting role rather than divisive in bringing people close to each other. :)


  5. I am amazed at your giftedness. You sang the Tagalog song, "Kailan" as if you were a Filipina singer with the correct enunciation and emotion. I was moved listening to you. I am thankful for the effort and time that you put into the preparation not only of your song performances, but your dancing as well. I am a teacher here in the U.S. and a huge fan of both you, Yong Hwa, and CNBLUE. God bless you, Shin Hye, YongHwa, and CNBLUE in all your endeavors.Please record more songs and collaborate with Yong Hwa in the production of your CD. Your voices are angelic and soothing.

  6. Grabe talaga FAN MEETING NI PARK SHIN HYE!! I'm so happy because I had been one of the players during the FM. Standing next to her is just really priceless and indeed unforgettable. Until the next FM Shin Hye! :)

  7. Shin Hye sings so lovely.

    She give her best by singing Kailan to the Filipino people who loved her...

    I'm so happy by watching the videos of her Fan meeting even thought I can't see her in personal...

    THANKS A LOT.................. PSHIFC


  8. hello! I want to know if the venue (Manila fan meeting) was fully packed with fans just like her Thailand fan meeting. I'm curious since I was not able to attend the fan meeting last March.

  9. Looking back, it was really amazing that I was the boy who played cham cham cham with her. I still can't believe it months after. Really so blessed to be able to have that kind of moment/experience with her. She is so kind. I was just supposed to shake her hand, but she hugged me. The best moment of my life. =)