Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[VIDEO] 소지섭(SO JI SUB) - 6시...운동장 (6:00...Ground) M/V FULL Ver.


  1. Words cannot describe our Princess PSH's Natural Beauty. She so beautiful in the SJS Music MV. I prefer her natural than any makeup. Majority Actresses have to put on makeup to look beautiful but for SH she is the opposite.

    1. can anyone tell me what meaning he said in this mv??

  2. Wow! What a thoroughly enjoyable musical video from every sense. It shows the impact even few minutes can make when everything is done right ......acting, music, song, direction and the aesthetics. Everyone did it perfectly to come up with a mini drama that touches and involves you in ways that many dramas do not.
    First the acting......
    Shinhye keeps reconfirming her progress as an actress who is maturing in leaps and bounds with each project. Her eyes are all the more beautiful and unique because of the range of emotions they can express. And she has done it so well here that dialogues become redundant. She is perfect here........definitely an actress to watch. Well done, Shinhye!
    YSH....what a great actor at such a young age too. They make such a believable couple that one forgets everything except the story that is enfolding. Cannot wait to see what he will be like once back from army.
    SJS....earns my respect as an actor and singer. I really enjoyed listening to his spoken words, rapping along with his acting. Thank you for giving us 14 very enjoyable minutes of a beautiful musical drama.....in every sense. Going to re-watch many times. Hope someone do the English subbing soon. Oh yes, Younha 's voice and singing is great too. Heard her for the first time but will look for more of her songs.
    This is what I have to also thank Shinhye too that through her I have been introduced to some wonderful actors, singers from the Korean entertainment world.

  3. Love the full MV too. Park Shin Hye is beautiful. I love their acting and the song. Can you please translate. Thank you

  4. Just awesome the scenes between SJS and Park Shin Hye. Although no spoken dialogues between them even then the feelings are expressed clearly and make a very strong impression. The difference acting makes can only be realized when watching something like this. The whole MV daebak! Wish I could fully enjoy by knowing what they are saying.