Thursday, April 25, 2013

[PHOTOSHOOTS] Park Shin Hye for Henus Edwin, Jambangee, Holika Holika & Emprani

Henus Edwin S/S 2013

Jambangee S/S 2013

Holika Holika S/S 2013

Emprani S/S 2013


  1. I love her looks and style specially in Henus Edwin and emprani. Do hope that's the type she goes for in her new drama "heirs". Like the Jambangee too specially the one with flowery skinny jeans. They are wasting Shinhye's looks and style in above pics of Holika Holika As in the orange dress. Don't like the standout makeup. She looks perfect with the natural makeup as done by the salon " Jenny's House". Even without good makeup and hairstyle she carries it well because of herself alone.....her skin and radiant smile.

  2. Yes I fully agreed with the above comments. She looks really Natural with or without makeup. Really hope for the Upcoming Dramas "HEIRS" she will be dress like the above. So far all her Dramas don't seem to be given a chance for her to dress well. Her dressing plain Jane in all her previous Dramas

  3. She is gorgeous! She should wear the clothes from Henus Edwin in her daily life too. That style compliments her age, looks, figure and profession perfectly. In them she looks her best.

  4. What I like about her is she doesn't has the typical Korea girl look ( long colored bronze hair)