Thursday, May 30, 2013

Park Shin Hye at Anti-Counterfeit Goods Ambassador Appointment Ceremony

On the 29th, Park Shin Hye was invited to the Korean Anti-Counterfeit Goods Ambassador Appointment Ceremony as the celebrity ambassador of the year 2013.

Stepping into the ceremony venue in a plain white dress, a casual pink suit jacket and white heels, Shin Hye captured the attention of photographers, event-goers and fans alike.

As the ceremony began, rain began to fall. Shin Hye was seated on the first row of the outdoors guest seating area and had to sit in the rain without umbrellas/shelter. Before the oath taking ceremony began, there were some performances and talks. Despite the rain, Shin Hye showed 100% professionalism and paid full attention to the ceremony.

After the performances, it was time for the oath. Shin Hye went onto stage with the other officials, took the oath and showed her determination to support Korea in combating counterfeit goods sales.


  1. Our princess SH as Beautiful as ever. No words can describe her Natural Beauty.

  2. As beautiful as ever. The striking thing about her is the aura of grace that surrounds her. It's remarkable considering she is so young. She is really growing into a lovely young lady who knows how to carry herself extremely well. I would not have guessed at all that she was sitting in the rain the way she was during the ceremony. She is the perfect choice for being an ambassador of not only any cause but also of South Korea. I am glad that people are coming to recognize that about her.
    Keep up the good work, Shinhye! We are proud admirers of yours.