Sunday, May 19, 2013

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Asia Tour: Shanghai 05.18.2012

Park Shin Hye arrived in Shanghai to continue her Asia Tour, a tour to meet and greet her overseas fans. Park Shin Hye already visited the Philippines and Japan. She will continue with another fanmeeting in China in Beijing and one in Thailand this month and next.

Some FA translations from @wintercherub on Twitter:

PSH is very grateful to every 1 for her Baeksang popularity awards,but she feels bad as this award makes every 1 pay~ (cr.小清新小祁老师)

PSH will start filming the <Heirs> with everyone's luv Lee Min Ho in Aug..promoting for new drama again..please support (cr.小清新小祁老师)

When MC ask among collaborated cast..who are good friends? PSH: “ All in YAB are good friends..recently just met up with JGS & LHK"

PSH replied Yoon Shi Yoon when asked who is the most matured among all cast collaborated (cr. 小清新小祁老师)

PSH also mention that CNBLUE is recently preparing for their Seoul Concert..FTIsland also preparing for their concert tour~(cr. 小清新小祁老师)

PSH sang <Pitch Black>, <The Day We Fall In Love>, and <Lovely Day> - Chinese version during Shanghai FM (cr. 小清新小祁老师)

Bands that Park Shin Hye likes...CNBLUE & FTISLAND (cr. 小清新小祁老师) ^^

In cooking segment, PSH said her specialty is Spicy Chicken, Kimchi pancakes & Spicy miso soup, and knows how to BBQ meat..(cr. 小清新小祁老师)

Park Shin Hye will go to the kitchen and cook dishes whenever she's at home (cr. 小清新小祁老师)

Shin Hye was so nervous at her piano performance, she took off her shoes while performing (cr. 小清新小祁老师)

Shin Hye's favourite food in China: Xiao Long Bao, Peking Duck, and vegetables cooked in Chinese style (cr. hqxfrh)

Really a lot of boys went for Shin Hye's FM..most went alone (should be single)..and many are sitting in front rows...(cr. hqxfrh)

 credit as tagged and PSHBaidu Bar

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