Monday, June 24, 2013

[FAN ACCOUNT] Visiting Shin Hye's mother's restaurant 양쳘북

Our fanclub launched a special project this month jointly with our friends at Park Shin Hye Japan Fan Site - congratulating Shin Hye's mother on her new restaurant opening! In the past month, both PSHIFC and PSHJPN had been busy planning which gifts to bring for her mother that could represent all of PSHIFC and PSHJPN's fans. In the end, we decided on:

A Maneki Neko. The Maneki Neko(fortune cat) is a traditional Japanese sign that brings good luck to shops and restaurants as the cat has a beckoning paw which is believed to bring in more customers. We hope it would bring the restaurant good luck!

We also prepared some Jasmine tea leaves and Hong Kong style snacks for Shin Hye's family as we got information that her mama likes Hong Kong food.

Our letter to Shin Hye's mama, on behalf of all of our fans.

On June 22 2013, our team traveled to South Korea and dined at the restaurant at night. Upon arrival, we met Shin Hye's father who welcomed us at the door. The restaurant is called 양쳘북(Little Tin Drums), which is a Korean franchise that specializes in BBQ intestines (pork and beef). The BBQ intestines is a Korean cuisine that is loved by many Koreans.

It was our lucky day. As we walked a few steps into the restaurant, we heard someone calling our names - Shin Hye! She was there dining with her friends and manager that night. She came over and we gave her the gifts personally. She looked so happy, and beautiful! We also saw her friendly Manager oppa :)

There is also an unspoken rule at the restaurant: No phototaking with Shin Hye at the restaurant. It is a sign of respect as it is her mother's restaurant.The entire restaurant is furnished with Shin Hye's photos and portraits. At the door, there is a wall filled with autographs by various Korean celebrities.

We sat inside and took up four tables. Next to us was a posted of Shin Hye's recent movie Miracle of Cell Number 7.

We sat for a while and then food came! We were excited as it was our first time trying BBQ intestines. But it was actually really delicious!! We ate a lot!

Some salads and side dishes.

You can also order fried rice, plain white rice or noodles with the roasted intestines.

We toured around and took some photos of some of the fans' gifts there.

We took photos with her parents. Since it is her mother's restaurant, we will post a photo of one of our admins with her mother to respect the occasion. Shin Hye's mother is a very lovely lady. She has flawless skin like Shin Hye does, and she has a warm motherly smile that made our admin feel very heartwarming (Actually, it made our admin miss her own mother!!) While posing for the photo, Shin Hye's mama took our admin's hand. Awww.

If you're traveling to Korea, make sure you visit this restaurant!! It is a good place for awesome Korean food, and a wonderful spot for Shin Hye's fans to hang out at. Here's the address of the shop:

Name: 양쳘북 

Address: 서울시 강동구 성내동 548-3 
              Seoul Gangdong-gu, SeoNae-dong 548-3

Telephone: +(82) 02-478-1192

Tip: Since this is a franchise, when you travel by taxi, do show the driver the exact address, or he may take you to one of the restaurants with the same name.

PS: Our admin will be staying in Seoul for the entire summer vacation. So, if you're visiting the country and would like to meet up/go to the restaurant together, please contact us by email or send us a tweet on Twitter!

We hope you like our project! We have had a wonderful time collaborating with PSHJPN and we are looking forward to future projects together ^^