Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[VIDEO] The Inheritors 2nd teaser video with English Subtitles

[PHOTO] Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin's first encounter in The Inheritors

The Inheritors revealed new promotional photos today of Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye's first encounter at a convenience store. In the photos, it is visible that while Park Shin Hye's character Cha Eun Sang is sleeping on a store table, Kim Woo Bin sits down with his bowl of .. ramen noodles. 

Kim Woo Bin plays Choi Young Do, a genius chaebol. He has a 150 IQ and is the heir to a hotel conglomerate. What is he doing here at a convenience store though? Eating instant ramen? That seems to be very non-cliche of a rich person.. It will surely be interesting to see the character development of the Kim Tan-Cha Eun Sang-Choi Young Do. 

SBS The Inheritors will begin broadcast on October 9 2013 .

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Park Shin Hye wishes fans a happy Chuseok

She reached out to her fans with the message, "It's Korea's traditional holiday Chuseok~ Have a fun and fulfilling Chuseok with your entire family^ㅡ^♥ Eun Sang [character in 'Heirs'] is working hard for her filming in the States and will return with a healthy image^!!!!!" The actress also expressed her love by making a heart with her hands, posing in a beautiful pastel-colored hanbok.
While most of her fans spend Chuseok with their families, Park Shin Hye will be spending her holiday filming 'The Inheritors' which will premiere on October 9! Make sure to cheer on the hard-working actress!

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[MAGAZINE] Park Shin Hye & Yoon Shi Yoon for Japan's Hanako (はなこ) Magazine

Sunday, September 15, 2013

[VIDEO] Flower Boy Next Door Japanese DVD ver. interview - Park Shin Hye & Yoon Shi Yoon (with English transcript)

Translated by: Administrator Liz of Park Shin Hye International Fanclub ( If repost, please link back to this page and give full credit to Park Shin Hye International Fanclub. Thank you.

YSY: I play Enrique and I live across Go Dok Mi and I'm involved with game design.
PSH: yes I play Go Dok Mi, a girl with strong personality who lives a lonely existence in Ocean Village apartment unit 402.
YSY: why do you live by yourself?
PSH: because its convenient
YSY: ahhh, I see...

P: a fun episode? Today's shooting when Enrique and his fans were together involved in an activity(sports)together and Gong Pyoung stepped on Enrique's foot and tripped.  That was fun and well executed.  That was fun,
Y: yes

Y: yes I wanted to have this opportunity to act with the actress Park Shin Hye and it really has been beyond my expectations.
P: ohhhh...
Y: she makes it fun and comfortable 
P: well what should I say here?
Y: told you I would do well here.
P: yes, thanks
P: yes I enjoyed watching him on drama High Kick Through the Roof so I had very high expectations, hmm... (Shi Yoon laughs)...
P: sorry , I really enjoyed watching High Kick and thought the character was cool.  It's great that now we are doing this drama together. Shi Yoon oppa has great personality. He reads a lot, its fun to listen to him talk . You can learn from him, he is very helpful.very warm.meticulous.
Y: Shin Hye met before for a good cause.
P: yes
Y: for charity. We met at a church where we held bouquets and had our pictures taken (this event:  I thought at that time too bad it's only for this charity event.

P: yes the director gives directions but usually the actors come well prepared, have a lot of input especially someone like YSY. We have so many ideas that the director has to give directions.
Y: yes of course. Although I enjoy acting I really get involved with exchanging ideas and enjoy the dialogue.  This is really fun.

P: of course I saw the FBND web toon and I enjoyed it. I watched all web toon episodes all in one day.  I was worried about how it would be translated into a drama because this was something very different and new, But since I'm doing this drama with him it is even more enjoyable.
Y I haven't really seen many web toons, if you look at this story it is about Go Dok Mi, but there are life lessons here too.

P: to be honest I don't have an interest on whoever living next door to me, but after doing this drama I wonder if my curiosity will change.  Wondering if there is a flower boy living next door to me.  I cling onto the hope that perhaps there is one. It feeds a woman's fantasy so it's fun. 
Y: everyone is very energetic so there is good feeling amongst us especially since this is a web toon.  There is energy and something refreshing.  There is a vibrant energy about it that makes you feel good.
Y: of course I looked at this story from a different angle. What i came away with was he came from Spain alone a foreigner always moving always with different groups of people, always lonely.  Then you see Go Dok Mi who stays in the same place same house, same room with the same expression, even her clothes have the same pattern, same style.  That is why I think Enrique saw something comforting about her that s why he kept hounding her door.  So I think Enrique was also healing.
P: Go Dok Mi was someone who was frightened of the world outside, one day started to open up when Enrique reached out to her. You see her reveal her true personality little by little.  

Y: I'm kind of a prankster.
P: with this drama, I was able to let go of all stress and enjoyed playing the part. It was good.  You can see a bit of me.
Y: usually she is very gregarious but when we shoot she goes right into character.  She does it well.
P: I think I'm able to show it because its another side of me.
Y: you act well.
P: oh yeah...
Y: it's the truth
P: Oppa is very sincere.   I'm outgoing but he is even more.  Didn't know he could be this way.  
Y: yes sometimes I goof off then I realize what I'm doing and think to myself oh this is so embarrassing, what are they thinking, there are 30-40 people watching. Oh well since I'm embarrassing myself then let's take this all the way to the end.
P: he does well.
Y: it's awkward.
P: really?!  When I see Enrique my hands and feet feel weird.  
y: its not easy to play the part but Enrique is cute.

P: yes there are good looking guys on FBND
Y: yes there are cute pretty girls on FBND too.
P: yes there is fantasy intertwined with life's melodrama in FBND.  Yes wondering if this really exists somewhere out there, a bit of dream and drama combined.

(Ok this part I don't get at all.)
Y: oh will see this as Totoro (anime character) in Japan .It will come out as ikemen(handsome guy). When totoro come out like this ( hand motions fat) like the cat and its hand waving.  Sings song...Well since this interview is taking place past midnite this is what happens, we sing and nothing really makes sense.  Live like the cool FBND neighbors.
P: everyone please support and love us
Y: yes that's it , love us.

Translated by: Administrator Liz of Park Shin Hye International Fanclub ( If repost, please link back to this page and give full credit to Park Shin Hye International Fanclub. Thank you.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

[FANACCOUNT] PSHIFC Visits Park Shin Hye on the set of "The Inheritors"

Today we've visited Park Shin Hye on the set of her new drama, "The Inheritors." It was quite an eventful day since we weren't quite sure we would be able to see her. We thank our lucky star that we were.

We drove an hour and fifteen or so minutes to where they were filming in a part of LA that was across town from us. Thank goodness we've skipped the freeway and took the smaller roads even though it takes longer because traffic was going at a snail's pace! We drove through all of Los Angeles to get to Shin Hye. We saw all of LA in a day, we've joked. Which was pretty true considering the route our GPS was giving us.

So we've made it to the set. They've blocked off a section of the street to film with police guarding the entrance to stay out fans and unwelcomed guests. We've waited and we saw Shin Hye! Turns out we were right in front of her trailer (she and Lee Min Ho share one for make-up and such).

I haven't seen her in a year and let me tell you, she is as beautiful as always if not better!! Although she has lost weight dramatically for the film, she was still so pretty. No matter how many times we've met her, we were stil starstuck by her. She's just too beautiful! And oh so nice. We can't stop saying this because it's so very true! She is so kind. The way she talks to her fans and spend time to talk to them, you won't be able to see that with many other idols. We completely ADORE this beautiful lady.

So we've talked to her about no nonsenses and whatever comes to mind. Love her so much. Then we gave her the presents we bought her thanks to the donation from our members and some we got out of our own pockets.

Here's what we got her:
- PSHIFC Heirs Project book (containing fans' messages)
- Stripes Kate Spade with KEDs shoes
- Homemade maple syrup from Wisconsin
- LUSH bubblebaths
- "Stardust" book by Neil Gaiman
- Tea
- Three bags of Lindt's chocolate for Shin Hye and the crew
- A Ramen mummy tee for Manager Jun

When Shin Hye saw the book she said by the time she gets done with it, she will be so good at English! We said yes you will. 

Shin Hye tried on our striped Keds, and she looked so cute with them on. Some of the crew members were there and everyone was saying how cute the Keds were on her. They were so cute!! She loved them. She was so happy to receive all the gifts from us. She gave a bag of chocolates for the crew. Everyone was very happy, so thank you to those who donated and helped made this possible!!!

After receiving the gifts, Shin Hye had to go do her makeup because it was time to film. She was flawless. We couldn't stop adoring her amazingly flawless skin!! And so we waited and asked her manager if we can watch her film. He said ok but only if the production team would let us. And so we stood from a distance and watched Shin Hye worked her magic on the screen.

Without giving too much of the scene away, it was one of Shin Hye's Eun Sang and Min Ho's Kim Tan in the red Maserati coming from somewhere. They seemed upset with each other with Kim Tan driving off and storming back later. Shin Hye was wearing some jeggings and grey high top chucks with a grey shirt under some purple plaid shirt. Her hair was long and black and so beautiful! Min Ho was wearing some orange pants, and a blue cardigan. He was quite handsome. And he smiled at us which was really nice of him.

We watched as they filmed this scene for the rest of the night. It was just so amazing to be there watching Shin Hye film. It's something that you don't ever forget. So it was late and they were filming so we can go back to our hotel. It was such a fun day and worth every second of everything we had to give up. Shin Hye is always worth every second of our time.

Oh when we were talking to her, we told her that all her fans were anticipating this drama and were so happy to have her in it. She was really pleased and said she can't wait to see this drama either!

Again, we wish to thank everyone who had donated to help out with this project, and all the fans who sent us messages. A special thanks to @Ployzsuay for the cover-art for the book.

DON'T FORGET!! You can still donate to help us buy rice bags for the Rice Wreath project we are collaborating with Shin Hye's Official Korean FC to show our support for Shin Hye during the press conference for "The Inheritors." All rice bags will be donated to KFHI. 

For more information visit here:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[GIVEAWAY] Celebrating 103,000+ likes on Facebook

Hello everyone! As of this week, Park Shin Hye International Fanclub's Facebook Page has reached 103,000+ likes! Going past 103k is a big milestone for PSHIFC as our page has been an important platform for us to connect with Starlight Angels from all across the world since 2009.

Wow! Really? 103k?! We are still holding our breaths thinking of how we got there. And we couldn't have done it without YOU. Yes, YOU. Everyone single one of YOU, our amazing Starlight Angels! We love connecting with you on FB. Thank you for being with us. 

As our way of saying Thank You to everyone who has liked our Facebook page, we are hosting our very first FB Giveaway!

We are giving away 1 PSHIFC T-shirt and 5 Shin Hye sticker sheets to 6 lucky winners! 

How to join? It's simply. Follow these 3 steps:
1) "Like" us on Facebook 
2) Comment under this post's comment box by writing a line saying why you love Shin Hye, together with your name and your country and your email address (so we can contact you if you win)

"I love Shin Hye because she inspires me to be a better person!
Name: Karen
Country: USA

Deadline: Friday, 9/13/2013
Lucky Draw & Winners will be announced on Facebook and on this website on Saturday, 9/14/2013.

Also, please note that we will be holding a giveaway for participants of our Rice Wreath project for SBS The Inheritors press conference this weekend! Join the project now and Stay tuned!

Thank you again and we <3 you all!

Many hugs from Elvie, Karen, Liz, Maizey, Mee, Shirley and Siti

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SBS The Inheritors official name + 1st poster revealed

So, finally SBS has finalized the official English name of the highly anticipated drama starring Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho - The Inheritors.

One may ask: What? How'd you know?

At SBS Contents Hub's official counter set up at Broadcast Worldwide 2013  (글로벌미디어포럼) at Seoul's largest mall COEX, the 1st official drama photoshoot / poster photo is revealed, along with the name 'The Inheritors' boldly printed onto it (notice the little crown on the name? So cute!). It looks like SBS will be selling the broadcasting rights of The Inheritors to a number of foreign countries too, as it is exhibiting the drama at Broadcast Worldwide 2013 - a platform for TV channels from around the world to exchange their hit shows.

Along with the poster, it is also revealed that the drama will have 20 episodes. Each episode is 70 minutes long, which is 10 minutes longer than the average drama episode.

Are you excited for The Inheritors? Don't forget to support our project to donate rice wreaths for the premiere drama press conference! Details:

Monday, September 9, 2013

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye is the beautiful dishwasher in SBS Heirs

On August 16th, Park Shin Hye shot her first scene on August 16 for SBS upcoming drama Heirs (Official English name: Heritors). Her character, who is poor, strives to survive financially, putting on shabby clothes and rubber gloves for her job as a kitchen dishwasher at a wedding hall in the upscale Gangnam area of Seoul.

While onscreen, we will see her sweat and struggle at her humbling job, behind the scenes, Shin Hye is as gregarious as ever, exchanging greetings and jokes with the crew, creating a harmonious and cheerful atmosphere for her first filming day. During the crew's preparation for the filming, Shin Hye was seen discussing her role and how to interpret emotions in her scenes with the drama's PD Kang Shin Hyo, showing her expertise as an actress.

The spokesperson for the drama said "From the very first scene, Park Shin Hye has been able to put her experienced acting skills into her role. Whenever she is present, she can naturally radiate positive energy."

SBS The Heirs is scheduled to air its first episode on October 9, 2013.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

[PROJECT] Park Shin Hye Fans Rice Wreaths Donation

In cooperation with Park Shin Hye's Starlight Angel Fanclub in Korea, Park Shin Hye International Fanclub is participating in the Rice Wreath's Project along with other Park Shin Hye fanclubs from around the world. 

We will be asking Shin Hye fans yet again to help us in this good cause. We will be collecting donation until September 24th. Any amount is appreciated. The money will be used to by packs of rice to be displayed during the "Heirs" press conference.

What is significant and important and follows our beliefs of helping the community is that all rice wreaths will be donated to Korean Food For the Hungry International, an organization we have donated to before (Tohoku Earthquake Relief) and Shin Hye was a part of (Ghana visit).

We highly encourage everyone to participate and thank everyone for your continual support and love of our lovely Angel.

You can donate via PayPal. If you wish to donate via another mean, please email us at We have admins in the US, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Malaysia that can assist you.