Sunday, September 15, 2013

[VIDEO] Flower Boy Next Door Japanese DVD ver. interview - Park Shin Hye & Yoon Shi Yoon (with English transcript)

Translated by: Administrator Liz of Park Shin Hye International Fanclub ( If repost, please link back to this page and give full credit to Park Shin Hye International Fanclub. Thank you.

YSY: I play Enrique and I live across Go Dok Mi and I'm involved with game design.
PSH: yes I play Go Dok Mi, a girl with strong personality who lives a lonely existence in Ocean Village apartment unit 402.
YSY: why do you live by yourself?
PSH: because its convenient
YSY: ahhh, I see...

P: a fun episode? Today's shooting when Enrique and his fans were together involved in an activity(sports)together and Gong Pyoung stepped on Enrique's foot and tripped.  That was fun and well executed.  That was fun,
Y: yes

Y: yes I wanted to have this opportunity to act with the actress Park Shin Hye and it really has been beyond my expectations.
P: ohhhh...
Y: she makes it fun and comfortable 
P: well what should I say here?
Y: told you I would do well here.
P: yes, thanks
P: yes I enjoyed watching him on drama High Kick Through the Roof so I had very high expectations, hmm... (Shi Yoon laughs)...
P: sorry , I really enjoyed watching High Kick and thought the character was cool.  It's great that now we are doing this drama together. Shi Yoon oppa has great personality. He reads a lot, its fun to listen to him talk . You can learn from him, he is very helpful.very warm.meticulous.
Y: Shin Hye met before for a good cause.
P: yes
Y: for charity. We met at a church where we held bouquets and had our pictures taken (this event:  I thought at that time too bad it's only for this charity event.

P: yes the director gives directions but usually the actors come well prepared, have a lot of input especially someone like YSY. We have so many ideas that the director has to give directions.
Y: yes of course. Although I enjoy acting I really get involved with exchanging ideas and enjoy the dialogue.  This is really fun.

P: of course I saw the FBND web toon and I enjoyed it. I watched all web toon episodes all in one day.  I was worried about how it would be translated into a drama because this was something very different and new, But since I'm doing this drama with him it is even more enjoyable.
Y I haven't really seen many web toons, if you look at this story it is about Go Dok Mi, but there are life lessons here too.

P: to be honest I don't have an interest on whoever living next door to me, but after doing this drama I wonder if my curiosity will change.  Wondering if there is a flower boy living next door to me.  I cling onto the hope that perhaps there is one. It feeds a woman's fantasy so it's fun. 
Y: everyone is very energetic so there is good feeling amongst us especially since this is a web toon.  There is energy and something refreshing.  There is a vibrant energy about it that makes you feel good.
Y: of course I looked at this story from a different angle. What i came away with was he came from Spain alone a foreigner always moving always with different groups of people, always lonely.  Then you see Go Dok Mi who stays in the same place same house, same room with the same expression, even her clothes have the same pattern, same style.  That is why I think Enrique saw something comforting about her that s why he kept hounding her door.  So I think Enrique was also healing.
P: Go Dok Mi was someone who was frightened of the world outside, one day started to open up when Enrique reached out to her. You see her reveal her true personality little by little.  

Y: I'm kind of a prankster.
P: with this drama, I was able to let go of all stress and enjoyed playing the part. It was good.  You can see a bit of me.
Y: usually she is very gregarious but when we shoot she goes right into character.  She does it well.
P: I think I'm able to show it because its another side of me.
Y: you act well.
P: oh yeah...
Y: it's the truth
P: Oppa is very sincere.   I'm outgoing but he is even more.  Didn't know he could be this way.  
Y: yes sometimes I goof off then I realize what I'm doing and think to myself oh this is so embarrassing, what are they thinking, there are 30-40 people watching. Oh well since I'm embarrassing myself then let's take this all the way to the end.
P: he does well.
Y: it's awkward.
P: really?!  When I see Enrique my hands and feet feel weird.  
y: its not easy to play the part but Enrique is cute.

P: yes there are good looking guys on FBND
Y: yes there are cute pretty girls on FBND too.
P: yes there is fantasy intertwined with life's melodrama in FBND.  Yes wondering if this really exists somewhere out there, a bit of dream and drama combined.

(Ok this part I don't get at all.)
Y: oh will see this as Totoro (anime character) in Japan .It will come out as ikemen(handsome guy). When totoro come out like this ( hand motions fat) like the cat and its hand waving.  Sings song...Well since this interview is taking place past midnite this is what happens, we sing and nothing really makes sense.  Live like the cool FBND neighbors.
P: everyone please support and love us
Y: yes that's it , love us.

Translated by: Administrator Liz of Park Shin Hye International Fanclub ( If repost, please link back to this page and give full credit to Park Shin Hye International Fanclub. Thank you.