Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[ENG SUB] The Inheritors 3rd teaser!

Eun Sang: Are you okay?
Kim Tan: I’m not okay.
Eun Sang: From the beginning, was my life meant to be just a passerby that doesn’t leave a trace? I feel so wronged, that’s why I wanted to go to the US.
Kim Tan: I didn’t come to the US to study abroad, I came because I was exiled.
Eun Sang: Sorry mom.
Young Do: I’m supposed to look like dad, but I ended up looking like mom.
Eun Sang: Unni, let’s go together!
Kim Tan: I met a girl yesterday.
Eun Sang: I was worried you would just leave.
Kim Tan: Don’t go anywhere, stay here.
Eun Sang: I said that if I ran into any danger, I would just grab your hand and run away.
Kim Won: How long do you want to keep doing this. I feel it’s already exceeded your boundaries.
Eun Sang: Do you need courage to run Korea?
Kim Tan: I need courage to summon my heart.
Eun Sang: I said to eat well and live well so I came to the US, but this place ended up like a garbage can.
Young Do: You’re certain there are only bad memories?
Eun Sang: In that gap between spaces, I had a good dream.
Kim Tan: It can’t be….that I’ve fallen for you?

EngTranscript cr: Ockoala