Saturday, November 30, 2013

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Receives Supporting Actress Award for "Miracle in Cell 7"

Park Shin Hye attended the 33rd Film Critics Association Award where she won for "Best Supporting Actress" for her part in her moive, 'Miracle in Cell 7.'  Congratulations, Shin Hye! You did great and deserved it.

Friday, November 29, 2013

[INTERVIEW] Park Shin Hye talks about scenes from SBS ‘The Heirs’

This is Park Shin-hye who is playing Cha Eun-sang being loved by many female viewers these days. She is loved by both Kim Tan and Choi Yeong-do in SBS-TV 'The Heirs'. We are having fun shooting every episode as the viewership ratings goes up episode after episode. 

'The Heirs' is nearing an end already. Many things happened to Eun-sang. She met Tan like a destiny in the U.S. and entered Jeguk High School, a school for rich students, as an heiress of poverty. She was involved in a triangular romantic relationship.

There are many good scenes worth reviewing. That is why I prepared the following. I took pictures whenever I had a free time. The following pictures will remind you of the scenes aired in the past. 

Episode 1 Eun-sang’s house

Best line
: "She is bad. She leaves us live a comfortable life without us." (Eun-sang)

Scene: My sister, my role model, says that she is getting married in the U.S. She just left us to live a good life alone in the U.S. I decides to get out of this pathetic life and make an American dream come true. In the scene, I decide to go to the U.S.

Behind-the-scenes story: I think that the scene showed that Eun-sang is a different Candy from others. She is poor, but strong. My facial expression is strong as well. In fact, I gave strength to my eyes and fingers. I paid extra-special attention to everything since it was a premiere. 

 Episode 4 Convenience store

Best line: "Hey, kids. What are you doing in a public place? Hush! She is sleeping here" (Young-do)

Scene: I met Young-do for the second time. First, I bumped into him when I delivered a chicken and now I met him in front of a convenience store. Eun-sang is asleep and Young-do is looking at her. Do you remember the scene where Young-do said, “Hush,” to kids who passed by the store? 

Behind-the-scenes story: Do you think that I was just lying there quietly? No way. I was acting to look like I was sleeping for real. I thought about where to look or whether I need to close my mouth or not when I closed my eyes.

Episode 4 Kitchen

Best line: "I will live quietly enough not to interrupt you" (Eun-sang)

Scene: I came back from the U.S. and realized the reality. The money that my mom gave to my sister was a rent deposit and now we had nowhere to go. We ended up living in a house where my mom was working as a maid. I promised to the homeowner to live quietly.

Behind-the-scenes story: The atmosphere is totally different from that in the drama, right? It was depressing and sad in the drama, but it is very comfortable at our shooting site. I was checking the script during a free time. I stuck my tongue out toward a camera.

Episode 5 Café

 Best line: "Do you know? Look at the second floor. Turn back, or seomthing." (Tan)

Scene: Kim Tan is such an enthusiastic man. He came to the café where I did a part time job without notice. In the scene, he is nagging me to tell him my phone number. Where is Kim Tan? The hair slightly seen over the glass window is his hair.

Behind-the-scenes story: As I know, the scenes were circulated around online communities. I paid more attention to the scene where emotion acting was important. I had to hold back tears while talking fast with the counterpart

Episode 8 School Cafeteria

Best line: “Because I want to eat with you" (Young-do)

Scene: I came to sit on the famous seat for the socially marginalized. The scene announced a tough school life of Eu-sang. She was afraid if she might be the next target of Young-do or teased by other students.

Behind-the-scenes story: I was waiting for a while in the seat. I tend to think about the feelings of Eun-sang even when the camera is off. That is how I can concentrate on my character when the camera is on. Can you see my watery eyes now?

 Episode 8 Eun-sang's Room 

Best line: "it's just like we are living together" (Tan)

Scene: I found that the large house is Tan’s home. I checked a social networking account in a bittersweet feeling and saw a picture. Tan sent a message, “Just like we live together. Good night.” I am sure that many of the viewers were moved by Tan’s war heart.

Behind-the-scenes story: Scenes related to Kim Tan are becoming emotional. I had to convey the complicated feelings of Eun-sang. I concentrated on emotions when I was waiting for the next scene. Can you see the staff members preparing to shoot? 

Episode 8 School

Best line: "I came back to Korea not for you, but you are one of the reasons why I came back” (Tan)

Scene: I grew closer to Tan. The memo that I left in the U.S. was posted on a board in school. Tan must have found it and posted it. Talking about the memo to Tan, I had complicated feelings.

Behind-the-scenes story: I think that the scene shows changes in emotion of Eun-sang. It was an opportunity for Eun-sang and Tan to take one step closer to each other. God must have known that it was a crucial scene. The sunshine replaced a reflecting plate. 

Episode 10 Survival Game

Best line: "I will let you live if you tell me why you came out from Tan’s house early in the morning" (Young-do)

Scene: We were playing a survival game. Young-do came to me when I was sitting on a rock. Young-do asked me why I came out of Tan’s house. Classmates think that I am a daughter of an upstart. I could not tell the truth. I just shot Young-do.

Behind-the-scenes story: These are bonus pictures. Tada! I felt like I went camping that day. I felt refreshed in the mountain. After the shooting, I tried riding a four-wheel motorbike. It was exciting to ride on a mountain trail. My face will tell you, right? 

Written by Park Shin-hye
Edited by Kim Hye-won (Dispatch)
Photograph=S.A.L.T Entertainment
Credit star.naver/parkshinhye

Monday, November 11, 2013

Praying for the Philippines 
Calling all Starlight Angels and our PSHIFC Family...

Let us join The Holy Father, Pope Francis in prayer for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda and echo his call to "send concrete help" to them.

On how to send help... For those in the Philippines

For those outside of the Philippines

For more on Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda's path through the Philippines